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Hai apna dil toh awara…

“Hai apna dil toh awara, najane kispe aayega”

On my way to work this morning, someone on a radio show requested this song by Hemant Kumar to be played. Music by S D Burman. Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri. A young and dashing Dev Anand at his best trying to woo Waheeda Rehman. And the song took me way back into memory lane.

I completed my high school in March 1999 here in UAE. And like countless others, relocated to India for my engineering. Got into a decent college and thus started the most memorable years of my life – my engineering years! Ask any engineer and he/she will second that.

My branch was computer science. And we had the most number of girls in our class. And the best I must add. Compare this to guys from other branches like mechanical or electrical – the boy to girl ratio was 60:1. Not exaggerating. The class strength was 60-65 and usually had 1 or if they were lucky, at most 2 girls. While in our branch, the ratio was 1:1. Ain’t that cool?

So if was quite natural of us boys to feel that it is only a matter of time before we got hooked up with a girl. But we still needed to do the preying. Lay the field out, you know. And what better time but the first class trip.

And with full energy and ishtyle, we began our mission. And by we, I mean atleast 10-12 guys in our group. Others didn’t give a damn. Anyways, our college was still very conservative. Most of the girls stuck together. And this being the first trip, we hardly knew each other. Half way into the day and still the ice was not broken. Guys separate, girls separate. And then someone from our group started humming this song:

“Hai apna dil toh awara, najane kispe aayega”.

And it caught on. Like a wildfire. Each one of us started singing and targeting it towards our “chosen ones”. Hoping that someone would take notice. Notice they did. Some started smiling. Some started singing. Others still ignored. But atleast we got an idea on who is who and how.

We were all 17-18 year olds. First few weeks into college. All freaked out at leaving families behind. New city. New college. Engineering. Ragging. Studies, peer pressure and so on.

But this one song helped put everything behind. New friendships were built. New relationships developed. New sparks. Some of them even got married to each other. Some are still friends today. While some I still don’t know their names! 😉

We had several more trips, numerous friends, many many fantastic experiences through those 4 years but that first trip is still the most memorable. Incredible how one song from nearly 40 years back was able to do something so unforgettable even today!

For the record, I did not ‘win’ any girl that day. I was not part of the hunt. You see, I already had my eyes on this girl who was my neighbor.

She is my wife today! 🙂

For the uninformed, here’s the link to that song:

25 thoughts on “Hai apna dil toh awara…

  1. “You see, I already had my eyes on this girl who was my neighbor.

    She is my wife today! 🙂 ”
    Aww how cute!!
    Yes the song is indeed beautiful…

  2. those devanand days were heady tooo eh… i guess we make a lot of fun of those days but he had his charm…. those songs… !!!

    this one I loved and the other one… har fikra ko main dhue mein udata chala gaya…

    • you know devanand sang this song when simi asked him to sum up how is it to be devanand from those b/w days of charm to the now 85 something yrs old Dev ji.. on the show ‘rendevouz with simi’ .. I loved watching it on you tube last wk..

    • yes, whatever we may call him today, but back then, he was one handsome dude. and his i’m sure females felt weak in their legs watching his antics in this song!!!

      ‘har fikar’ is also a beautiful song…

  3. I agree.. songs of that era have such a charm.. so v diff from today’s.. nostalgic moment penned down nicely but spoiled by the disclaimer 😛 😛

  4. Oh I loved that old Dev Anand!! He was so so cute! And loved all his songs – from that time-frame.. I feel so bad when I see what he has become now 😦

    ‘For the record, I did not ‘win’ any girl that day. I was not part of the hunt. You see, I already had my eyes on this girl who was my neighbor.
    She is my wife today! ‘

    That is so sweet and romantic!

    • Yes, absolutely. He was so bloody handsome. But now he’s made a mockery of himself. He’s a perfect example of someone not sure when to call it a day.

      Thanks! 🙂

  5. “For the record, I did not ‘win’ any girl that day. I was not part of the hunt. You see, I already had my eyes on this girl who was my neighbor.”

    Hmmm…looks like

    Masood’s song: Mere saamne wali khidki mein ek chaand ka tukda..

    Wife: Na na..karke pyaar tumhi se kar baithe karna tha inkaar…

    Ha…ha..ha.. 😀

    • oho..solilo, you should’ve been a movie director. Kya scene set up kiya hai..waah waah…super hit!! :p

      very smart haan, you stopped at ‘karna tha inkaar’ but did not mention ‘magar ikhraar’ ?!!


  6. Dude u never kno what request or news will take you down the memory lane, for u it was the Dev Anand song. For me it was MJ’s death, as soon as i received that news the only event that i could connect myself to MJ was the song “WHO IS IT”. The good old college days when i used to come to your room and if ever we got bored or were happy or even depressed. i or u used to play this song with full volume and then the dancing. My GAWD that was sumthing back then. Now today to think of it it all feals so redicously good to me to have those memories.

    • yeah man. seriously. it was so shocking to hear about his death. and you’re right, i can never forget the maniacal dances we did on ‘who is it’. remember that time when we had gone to kohinoor plaza for dinner and at home we were taking turns in the rest room? thats when we played it !!!! haha and instantly our ‘lives’ were a lot better!! 😉

      some little things have formed such an integral part of our memories that now if we think about it, i almost feel incomplete without them!

    • yes, but guess what? i did not win her heart back then. it was only 8 yrs later that it finally worked out! but oh well..thats another story! 😉

  7. hey masood!!!!!!

    this is a cho chweet post!!!!

    hemant kumar song….college ka love aquiring scenario n
    that bit of how u loved ur girl-next-door n she’s ur wife!!!

    i declare this a CUTIEPIE POST!!!!!!!

    me loves loves that song!!!! it’s so hummable!!!

    ain’t college days the best??!!!

    so there was a 60:1 ration eh?
    guys were unlucky, but the girls were most lucky i say!!!

    touchwood for u n ur wife!!!! 😀

    • hey CS. welcome here. guess this is your first stop at my blog! 🙂

      yes, it is so hummable. thats why it had caught on. infact since the day i heard it on radio, i’ve been humming it every now and then.

      college days are the best! but it so ironic. back in college, we just wait to graduate and get on with life. but now when we are on with life, we think about college days and wanna go back!

      oh yes, girls were lucky. imagine 60 guys trying to get your attention! LOL

      thanks! 🙂

  8. Nice post, its short but puts across yr feelings.. I must say u have great memory cos u were able to remember a day in college by listening to a song u had heard that day !!

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