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The ‘M’ tag

Pixie tagged me on this one. Looked pretty easy so took it up. But damn…its not as easy as it looks!!!

Tag Rules:
– It’s harder than it looks!(Mind It). Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends.
– Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.
– They have to be real… nothing made up!

– If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers.
– You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!!

1. What is your name: Masood

2. A four Letter Word: Mood

3. A boy’s Name: Mohammad (Officially the most common name in the world!)

4. A girl’s Name: Mrs. Masood 😉

5. An occupation: Milk man!

6. A color: Mauve, Magenta

7. Something you wear: My watch! 😀

8. A food: Mutton Biryani 😉 *drool*

9. Something found in the bathroom: Mat

10. A place: Mumbai

11. A reason for being late: Makeup! 😉 (p.s. they didn’t ask for MY reason here, but just a reason!)

12. Something you shout: Maa ki……aankh! 😉

13. A movie title: MIB

14. Something you drink: Mocktails

15. A musical group: Michael Learns To Rock

16. An animal: Man, Mammoth, Mouse, Mule

17. A Street name: MG Road, Bangalore *sigh*

18. A type of car: Maserati

19. A song title: Mere mehboob qayamat hogi by Kishore Kumar from Mr X in Bombay

20. A verb: Murder!!!

I don’t tag anyone. Take it up if you wanna kill some time.


73 thoughts on “The ‘M’ tag

  1. Mrs. Masood 8) CooL!

    My watch – smart answer eh 🙂

    ROFL @ Make-up 😛

    M.G. Road *Sigh* M for Missing Bengaluru 😦

    MURDER 😯 I wrote KILL 👿

    Effects of Mission Al-Shabab I think 😛

  2. I read this in the morning when there were only swaram comments and came back now to see 28 comments already.

    This is tough tag.

    Here also biryani,if i take up tag has to find some connection between biryani and S

    • It sure is quite challenging but take it up. Its fun.

      And you’ll have to include biryani somewhere…biryani club honors at stake!!!

  3. Whoa! hang on!
    Mrs. Masood, My watch – both cheating!!
    No technicalities will work here!

    but, good read! 😛

    *Pixie waiting to learn new swear words from Masood Bhai!*

  4. 8. A food: Mutton Biryani -yeah as if you could think of anything else!

    19. A song title: Mere mehboob qayamat hogi by Kishore Kumar from Shree 420-I love this song too…just a it of correction here,Masood..the song is from ‘Mr X from Bombay’ 🙂

    20. A verb: Murder-now I’m outta here 😀 !

  5. Masood, Only you can take a tag like this 🙂

    Girl’s name – Mrs Masood!!! That was something 🙂 ROFL!

    ‘A reason for being late: Makeup!’ – I know you guys must be putting on makeup! sneakily 🙂

    ‘ Street name: MG Road, Bangalore *sigh*’ – me too 😦

    Verb – murder! Why are all of you in such a homicidal mood? Swaram’s was kill!

    With all this biryani talk – I am dying to eat some – and there is not a single place I can get decent Biryani 😦

    • so late !!!

      Smi, a lot of guys have taken this up. It is quite challenging. You should too. You are tagged!!!!!

      Sheesh..sneakily…ya rite..pls help us come out of the closet! 😀

      Yeah…beware of us ! 🙂

      Don’t tell me all of Leeds doesn’t have one decent biryani place?! If no, then thats a great business proposition… 😉

  6. Everywhere everyone is doing this tag. No idea what to comment on. 😛

    Mutton Biryani…that too Hyderabadi is yummiest.

    Makeup? Masooood, is there something you not telling us? You? Makeup? Kya chal raha hai? 😆

  7. Okay..okay ..we know that your wife reads this blog so just to show her that you are a JKG, you come up with Mrs. Masood. Ha..ha..ha..

    My first best friend’s name was Mehnaaz. Beautiful name!

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  9. /*But damn…its not as easy as it looks!!!*/

    I have guessed it perpectly and didn’t made an attempt 😀

    /*A girl’s Name: Mrs. Masood */

    LOL 😆

    /*A Street name: MG Road, Bangalore */

    Its road dude.. not a street 😛 😛

    /*Something you wear: My watch!*/

    ha ha ha… 😀 no one can disgree 😛 😛

    • Smart. I took it up and still was stuck with it after an hour. Decided to chuck it but then didn’t want to waste the 1 hour already spent….so went ahead and completed it all the way.

      Thank god, atleast you didn’t say I cheated. Your the only sane one out here 🙂

  10. That was a very good one Masood, very tempted to take it on but busy with Ramadan starting, will definitely do it sometime.

    BTW Ramadan Mubarak to you and Iram.

  11. You guys are killing us with your alphabet learnings. Looks like the Name, Place, Animal, Thing game, which we used to play in school. Only gud thing is that, we get to know more abt the person and you guys have made it a lot interesting.

    BTW, is Mrs. Masood a name ???? Its a title, if I am not wrong. Come on, Masood, dont tell that you dont know any name starting with M !!!!

    There’s one show on NDTV Good Times called Men cant dance & other myths abt men….. where they told that a woman takes 15 minutes to get ready while a man takes 20 mins – Really, this is the latest statistics. So, no harm, go ahead and use makeup as the reason for getting late.

    MAN is like a MAMMOTH among his friends, a MOUSE at home and a MULE while shopping….See, I have put all in one… Just kidding guys, dont take it seriously…

    • LOL yes, everyone’s doing some kind of alphabet tag. I think no one really has anything meaningful to post these days! 😉

      hehe..I know several names starting with M but the only name that matters to me is Mrs Masood 🙂

      Man takes 20 mins? That can be possible. But no way in hell am I going to believe that women take 15 mins?!!??!!! That is impossible. Make up or no make up.

      If a man is all that, what about women then? 😀

      • You cannot understand women, as rightly put up by Vimmuuu. hehehe !!!

        And I swear by it – there are so many beauty products now for men too. Why cant they time to get ready ??? Since we’ve already mastered that art, it looks like that we are faster than you guys. Hahahha !!!

        • Even God got confused when he tried to understand a women ! 😉

          Agreed. There are beauty products but I don’t think it includes lipstick, nail paint, foundation, maskara or eye liner….. or does it ?

          That would be news to me then!!

  12. Phir se late!!!! This time I am universally late everywhere masood!!!! Not just here!!!

    4. ROFL!!! Nice thinking!!

    6. Mauve!!!! U wrote Mauve!!! My BF knows only 5 colours in life – blue, red, green, yellow, black & white!!!!! 😛 he says that’s how guys see colours!!!! 🙄

    7. My Watch!!!!! *crafty yelling cheating cheating…masood looking for something to offer get her to keep quiet* 😈

    11. LOL!!!

    12. Maa ki….. Aiyo!! 😯 :mrgreen:

    13. I LOVE WILL SMITH! Sigh…. Irrelevant, but u reminded me of him!

    15. MLTR!!!! Wowie! I loved their track “Strange Foreign Beauty”

    19. Hugs for ur song title masood!!!!! It is the lovelies!! 😀

    Tags are the way to go, eh?? 😀 I can’t agree more!! 😛

    • Yes, late again but jao..maaf kiya. Derr aaye drust aaye 🙂

      LOL what he says is true. Atleast you BF sees green, red and yellow. I see only blue, black, grey and white! Mix all that and you get Mauve 😉

      Oh yes, everyone’s doing tags these days. Where are all the serious boring bloggers? We need to even things out a bit na. Its time for some soul searching posts now.

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