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Blog Action Day 2009 – My two cents

Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. This year’s topic is climate change.

Climate change is one of the most important threat to our environment today. And one the driving reasons behind climate change is global warming. In simple words, global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to emission of greenhouse gases. And the simplicity ends there. The effects of global warming are far more profound. Please visit this link that shows the top 100 effects of global warming. And be prepared to be shocked!

So let’s get directly to the point. Call for action. We can make a difference. What can we do?

1. Use electricity smartly. Switch off those lights when you leave a room or electronic appliances when not in use like your mobile charger or laptop. Use certified green products.

2. Use water efficiently. Is that bubble bath really that necessary? Think twice before filling up your bath tub with all that water. Take care of all the water leaks. And close that tap while you brush, will ya?

3. Reuse and recycle. Newspapers and bottles can be reused or recycled. Find where you can do that in your city or locality.

4. Manage waste disposal properly. Don’t throw that chocolate wrapper just anywhere you fancy. Find a waste bin.

5. Reduce dependence on plastic. Next time you step into Carrefour or Big Bazaar, go green and use paper bags.

6. Use less energy for your commute. How about public transport every once in a while? Or better yet, just walk. That way, even you remain healthy along with the environment.

7. And incase you do drive, then buy smart, service your car and check your tire pressure regularly. A well maintained car and tires go a long way to maintain fuel economy and reduce greenhouse emissions.

8. No smoking. I know this is a tough one for all the smokers out there. But guess what? Smoking kills. Not just you but even who inhale your smoke. And that smoke messes up the environment. So?

9. Do you bit in making this planet green. Plant trees, flowers in your backyard. Or keep pots in the balcony. Don’t pluck flowers from gardens.

10. Spread the word. Buzz it. Tweet it. Scrap it. Shout it. Email it. Blog it.

Lets save the environment. For us. For our kids. For our future.


39 thoughts on “Blog Action Day 2009 – My two cents

  1. Tee hee me too posted on the same topic just nw and landed here 😛

    The biggest qs is why we fail to do things which look so simple isn’t it Masood 😦

    I will do my bit 🙂

  2. If we cant do anything to make things better, the least we can do is not spoil it futher…

    I hate the fact that future generations will never know what it is like drinking water directly from a stream.. I hate that even we can’t think of anything but bottled mineral water when we are thirsty..

    its a very sad state already.. its high time some major steps are taken immediately..

    • What you say about water is so true.
      Imagine a world without natural water streams!?! Sheesh….
      And our kids have to live in that world….bigger sheesh..

      • yesterday I went to Big bazaar to buy some tel, sabzi, milk etc and noticed the huge amount of plastic bags they use. I bought some 20 items and they put them in 5 plastic bags and gave me. I returned them, but they insisted I take my stuff in it only, as they put the plastic lock on top on those bags, so that you don’t sneak any more stuff into it (aaarrghhhhh).
        Now, big FMCG stores like Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar distribute so much of plastic to consumers…its not even funny. If they started putting a stop on this, can you imagine how plastic bag free we could be!!
        Where is the social/environment responsibility of these giants. Guess Mr Ambani isn’t listening?

        • Exactly. The initiative has to come from these big chains and only then the little ones will follow suit. I remember the huge plastic bags from big bazaar. Whats stopping them from using paper. I wish they realize this more sooner than later.

  3. Cant say abt others…i surely try to follow almost all of the points mentioned above….

    i read somewhere if 10% of population follows these simple things we can save for next 100 yrs…Isnt it too big which we are getting for small things and for our own kids !!!

  4. Absolutely! Everything you’ve said here makes so much sense.. And every little helps.. And each one of us can so our bit.

    Here, there is a lot of stress on reduce, reuse , recycle. The sad thing is that a lot of us, don’t understand that it is not a hype – but a reality – and that if we are not careful, our children will be facing the consequence of our actions..

    And I am so proud that I actually follow all that you have mentioned – I have even stopped having bubble baths – though I totally love them 🙂

  5. Important pointers, Masood. Every little thing that we do contributes. I wish we can stop usage of plastics permanently.

    Going to add this link to my blog now. 🙂

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  7. Thanks God! 15 registered blogger from UAE for Blog Action Day ’09 Climate Change and the third one who actually blogged – Tara Bhatt, Bilal Houri and you.

    Nice write-up, more towards awakening! Hope it reaches to people!

  8. clap clap clap
    well done Masood and all you nice people who managed to do a post

    hey not just clapping, trying to follow as well but disappointed that instead of writing a post I was busy polluting the atomosphere by preparing for the BBQ all of the day of 15th and BBQ…ing the night of 15th…pch pch some people like me I tell you is all talk and no show….pch pch…

    hey btw does a thought count????

    • Wow…you had a barbeque? Why didn’t you call me? 😉

      *realizes I am supposed to give you a lecture on how not to pollute the environment*

      err…so…what did you guys grill ? 😀

      just kidding.

      Well, there’s always next time, innit? 🙂

  9. Yeah, but seriously, doesn’t recycling and environment feature way below on the priority list in Dubai especially? I’d heard that UAE is the highest per capita waste generator in the world. And I don’t doubt that considering every time I order a simple paratha or lunch from the restaurant below, it comes wrapped in so many foils, plastic boxes, plastic bags…

    • I agree. Not much initiative here on recycling. The amount of plastic used here in mind-blowing. There doesn’t even seem to be any mechanism in place for proper waste recycling n all. I guess all they care about right now is to make those skyscrapers and sell em as fast as possible.

  10. An eye-opener,Masood.All the points that you’ve mentioned are relevant.

    You know while I was in Delhi,recently I was glad to see some of the foodstuff shops using paper bags.It was quite heartening a sight.

    Awareness can make a world of difference.

    fantastic post.

    • Actually, that’s the easiest one. Unless the shops where you shop don’t use paper bags. In that case, I guess we are kinda helpless.

      But you did good on all other points. So guess you deserve to get away with that one 🙂

    • Wslm 🙂
      Yes, me is OK. Just been really busy with work lately. Finally managed to post today. Yep, unlike me but I should be able to post regularly henceforth.
      Thanks for checking in 🙂

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