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World AIDS Day 2009 – Respect and Protect

Did you know that more than 18% of South Africa population is HIV positive? And if we take Lesotho, Swaziland & Namibia, the HIV penetration is more than 20% in total. That’s like one in every five individuals. Shocking, isn’t it?

1st Dec is World AIDS Day.It is an international day to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS around the world.

There are more than 33 million people living with HIV around the world today. And nearly 2 million people died of HIV related illnesses last year.

What can we do?

1. Find out about HIV and AIDS. Discuss with family, friends and colleagues. Make sure what we know is reality and not just myths.

2. Know your HIV status. Get yourself checked if you have any doubts or were exposed to risk.

3. Discuss the use of condoms with your sexual partners to avoid transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

4. If someone tells you that they are HIV positive, respect that and don’t tell others without their permission. The virus does not spread by physical contact like shaking hands, hugs or kisses.

5. Wear a red ribbon as a symbol of support, and to raise awareness.

Lets unite in our fight against HIV and AIDS.



19 thoughts on “World AIDS Day 2009 – Respect and Protect

  1. The statistics are shocking..

    Yes, awareness itself would help curb the spread of AIDS and ensure that people who are already afflicted have a better quality of life.

  2. I think there will be more ppl in India who test positive for HIV. Awareness is less in Indian culture and there is shyness to talk abt HIV. That shld change.

    Lets all join hands and spread the message of AIDS awareness !!!!

  3. Very relevant post Masood. Despite so much talk about aids, there are still myths, and shame related to it.
    One of my maids’ relative died of aids, and she said she won’t get a job if she mentioned it, so they claim he died of some other problem. Most cases are not discussed openly, and it was only because this was compulsory that the rest of the family got themselves tested.

  4. shocking statistics!!
    but, yes.. the patients need to be treated with respect. Let them hold their jobs, their life and we need to let them lead their life in dignity which is very important.

    I wish we had more awareness and talking about it seems to be the only way.

    very nice post Masood

  5. I was reading about the same on another page…..at one time AIDS awareness was top priority but nowadays articles or reports abt it are hardly seen. Teenagers and budding adults are the ones who should be made aware of it….thts not to say others shdnt but mistakes happen most often in tht age-group & they live to regret it for life.

    Thank U for the post Masood!!!!

  6. I used to work for a company which promoted aids drugs and when i used to talk to doctors they used to tell me don’t tell anyone that you visited aids clinic.This thing has to change in our society.

    One of my friends relative died of aids and he felt so ashmed to tell that his relative died of aids, his wife is negative.

    Nice post masood.

  7. I t has to to go beyond seminars and stage dance programmes.
    Awareness has to start from the village level so please don’t waste time in finding sponsors for a stage programme which is attended by some VIP and gets over with sermons.
    Let us be practicle.

  8. The figures are indeed shocking. A very apt and informative post.

    an Hiv patient nt önly has to undergo the trauma of the disease bt also the humiliation caused by society. People should understand that it is just like other fatal disease n nt a curse.

  9. the stats are surely disturbing! i think its the “it won’t happen to me” atitude…

    very nice post masood! yes, treating an AIDS patient without discrimination is very important too… its a tough battle…they shudn’t have to fight it with ppl’s scorn and prejudice..

    i feel its very imp to promote HIV testing before getting married as well… esp in arranged marriages, that are so popular in our country.

    hugs! this was a well-times and well-intentioned post! 🙂

  10. Most of the disease… I guess is mis-handled purely because of lack of awareness and education or having myths around. AIDS is fatal, surely everyone knows but with a bit of carefulness am sure many of us can actually avoid a situation like that. It’s not just for one self, but for all the loved ones who care for us too, primarily why we must value our life even more! That’s what I believe!

    You have rightly said, in whatever ways we can ..if we able to impact even one life, we wud have done our bit! Thanks for writing about it.

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