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Happy Birthday, my little kiddo :)

I can’t believe one full year has passed. All I need to do is close my eyes, focus a little and I feel like I am still standing right there in the hospital, holding him for the first time, looking at his tiny face and his two little eyes staring back at me. I’m still stuck in that fragment of time. And I wish I never come out of it.

Today, my baby, my little kiddo, my Ibrahim, has turned all of 1-year-old. I’ve been waiting for this day since he was born. To celebrate the happiness, the joy, the magic he has brought to my life, the miracle he has been to us.

Parenthood was never meant to be easy. Those sleepless nights, stinky diapers, sickness, pain and injury, vomiting, farts, crankiness, bawling and much more. But all it takes is one smile, that one dimple laden smile revealing those 6 little teeth, flinched nostrils and that chuckle, oh what do I say about that chuckle, and life is beautiful again. All the stress, worries, tensions, gone, vanished in that one little moment. What could possibly be any better?

The first time he smiled at us, or the first time he managed to sit up all by himself or when the crawled for the first time or when he took his first step, or his first words, are all milestones.

But we can also never forget the days when he tried to eat from a plate by himself, or when he saw a tie and tried to knot it around his neck, or when he picked up a remote control and pointed it towards the TV, or when he picked up a cell phone and held it near his ears, or the time when he was playing near the vacuum cleaner and accidentally turned it on and the speed at which he crawled back towards me, or the time when he sits on my shoulders and massages my head, or when he gives a sloppy kiss on your cheek if you ask him for an ‘ibbu’, or when you ask him ‘where is Ibrahim?’ and he immediately points towards himself, or when he hears his favorite tunes he starts dancing by jerking his head in all directions and throwing his hands all over the place, or the time when he kept laughing hysterically listening to my hiccups, or the time when he fell asleep while eating, or the time when he crawled towards me, put his head on my lap and fell asleep…all these are unforgettable moments.

Those wobbly little legs, which just about carry his weight now, will one day carry the weight of his dreams, desires and expectations. May the beacon of hope always burn and light up his life.

Today I wholeheartedly thank the Almighty for blessing us in ways we could never imagine.

And my beautiful wife, for going through 9 months of pregnancy, 2 days of labor, 3 months of painful post C-section recovery and 9 months of fantastic parenting to make him the wonderful kid that he is today. All this could not have been possible without you, my love. Whatever I do, I can never thank you enough.

Today is your first milestone, my little Ibrahim. I wish you many many many more birthdays and a life with all the joy, contentment and success.

Happy birthday, Ibrahim 🙂


75 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, my little kiddo :)

  1. I hv told u even before that I love ur posts on fatherhood .. this is the very best 🙂
    Those chotu chotu moments .. I felt like I ws cing them nw 🙂

    God bless u all Masood 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to Ibbu Baby! Such a beautiful post,Masood!

    ‘Those wobbly little legs, which just about carry his weight now, will one day carry the weight of his dreams, desires and expectations. May the beacon of hope always burn and light up his life.’ Amen to that! And with two wonderful parents to guide him I’m sure Ibbu baby will grow up to be a wonderful person.

    May God bless him and his proud parents always!

    Hugs from me & namnam to the li’l angel 🙂

  3. may god bless the cute lil darling.. and many congratulations for being a year old.. as parents..
    may you have many more such moments of joy and celebration.
    touch wood and lotsa love..

  4. Happy birthday, Ibbu!

    Masood, I still remember the first time you came to my blog and mentioned that you are a new Dad and I asked you to take up that pregnancy tag 🙂 . I can’t believe time flies so fast.

    So are you guys having a huge birthday bash? What is the theme?

    • Thanks Sols. Seein ya after a while. How you doin?

      Yep, that was the first time and the rest, as we can say, is history. Time really flies. I can’t believe its been a year already.

      BIG bday bash is planned for Friday evening. Invitations are out. No specific theme though. We thought lets keep the themes for later years when he can be part of it and has lots of friends.

  5. “And my beautiful wife, for going through 9 months of pregnancy, 2 days of labor, 3 months of painful post C-section recovery and 9 months of fantastic parenting to make him the wonderful kid that he is today. All this could not have been possible without you, my love. Whatever I do, I can never thank you enough.”

    Love these lines. Touchwood.

  6. i was waiting for this post …. 🙂

    Happy Bday to ibbu !!! Like u said on my blog i can copy paste this and post on my blog except few things..which angel cant do like standing on her own feet ….
    And so true …a sweet smile on kiddo face and u forget everything..
    A bday post is incomplete without snap..plz post pic !!or you want to post party pic 🙂
    BTW Are we invited for friday bash 🙂

    • Thanks Rashmi.
      Yes, and she will start using her own feet very soon 🙂
      I’ll try and post a snap sooper soon…
      And ofcourse, everyone’s invited for the bash!!! 😀

  7. Masood, you have written so well abt the little things which Ibbu does and which makes a world of difference to you and your wife. Just so wonderful !!!

    As a mother, I can relate to all the milestones, which Ibbu has reached and how proud fathers and mothers will feel.

    Its an awesome post !!!

    Happy Bday, Ibbu !!! And may God shower his choiciest blessings on You !!!! Keep on smiling that dimple filled smile and make your Father and Mother the happiest in the World !!!! 🙂

    • Yes, its almost everything for us these days. All our time goes either in playing with him, tending him, feeding him, or putting him off to sleep. He is our life 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the lovely wishes 🙂

      Amen to that 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday, Ibrahim!

    On this very significant milestone of your life, Ibbu, here’s wishing you all the love and laughter that you desire, and more! May each moment of your life ahead become a moment to celebrate and cherish! Love you! Mwaaahhh…

    Happy 1st birthday also to the super-sweet Mom and Dad, who also turn 1 today! May you two have many many more joyous occasions to celebrate at each step of your life!

    I also wish, Masood, that the sweet relationship between you and yor lovely wife gets sweeter still with every passing day!

    Three cheers to the li’l angel! And to his proud Mom and Dad!

    PS: Masood, least you couls do was put a sweet picture to go with this really sweet post!

  9. Happy birthday ibu.Have a great day and god bless u 🙂

    Wonderful post and i was reading ur archieves and i loved this post “Tears,parenthood and wifey”

  10. I was all teary at midnite, the recollection of his birth n the overwhelmingly unbelievable feelin after tht, n wat celebration!! I am glad i was there wit u guys to experience it all!
    Love the way he totally lights up n giggles/chuckles everytime we sing him the bday song!
    Me all teary again after this read, love u masood, iram and ibrahim. May all of u live a long healthy life tht fulfills all ur dreams n desires! Ameen. InshaAllah.
    Its party time!!! Congratulations to all of us!
    Btw,This can easily be rated as ur best post by far! 🙂

  11. A very Happy Birthday to Ibrahim 🙂 May he keep delighting in your hiccups and falling asleep in your lap, and may he continue to learn amazing stuff like knowing the remote makes the TV go on and off … and of course soon you might wish to hide from him how things work, and you might try to spell words you don’t want him to hear – and may he decode those spellings and find out where you hid your brand new tie or the new remote 😆
    Lovely post… many happy returns to the parents and their little Ibu 🙂

    • IHM!!! Good to see you. Hows Dilli treating ya?

      Thanks for the wonderful wishes….unique as always….

      err…not just my brand new tie but he messes the lower drawer of my wardrobe daily…thats where he is able to reach right now!!! Thank god I have a lovely wife who puts it all back together before I come back home each day 🙂

  12. A wonderful post Masood !!!! Really wonderful !!! 🙂 Absolutely loved and also found so many memories that were re-kindled… ! 🙂

    May the lil one have many many more wonderful birthdays and may all his aspirations come true !!! 🙂

    God bless the lil one ! 🙂

    • Thanks Dhiren.

      Yep, thats the best part of writing or reading such posts. Even I could relate to so many things that Rashmi mentioned in her 8 month update about Angel.

      Amen 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday to little Ibbu! He is one blessed baby to have parents like you!

    May you have many many such love filled birthdays!

    Masood, your baby posts are the best!

    ‘Those wobbly little legs, which just about carry his weight now, will one day carry the weight of his dreams, desires and expectations. May the beacon of hope always burn and light up his life.’ – Amen!

    The words for your wife are wonderful! Am sure she must have been very touched by your tribute. Happy birthday to both of you too – after all, both of you became parents, this day, didn’t you?

    Have a wonderful day! Have a day to remember!

    • Thanks Smitha. And Amen to that 🙂

      Oh yes, its happy 1st bday of our parenthood as well.

      Yep, yesterday was a day to remember. And tomorrow is the bday bash. So lots of stuff to do and lots of fun lined up 😀

  14. where did my comment go?


    anyways that was such a lovely post masood… god bless him always and wishing him a very very happy birthday… first birthdays are always special for parents

  15. Man this is the first time I read any of ur blogs, its all so fresh in my memory the day u guys announced the pregnancy when we all were out for dinner. And since then when ever ruhi n I used to go out I would step in kids shop and look for stuff for the NEW comer in the family, and my loving wife at times would attempt to make a gunnies record of popping the eye balls and I would give her a ear to ear grin and join back to what ever we were heading for (LOOOVE you jann). Yippy finally I loved a pair of sandals which v bought and that became the first thing ever bought for the little one and that card, off late ruhi and I saw the same card in the store and read it together, the feeling was so overwhelming (both of us tried to cover it up with a smile).

    Oh! Man it’s been a year now and the time jus passed by like a blink of eye.
    May Almighty bless him always ‘HAPPY BIRTH DAY LADDU BETA’.

    • Ahem! Love you too. 🙂
      u really took us down memory lane. Alhamdullilah, Almighty has sent us his choiciest blessings in the form of the wonderful kids in the family. Ibrahim is most certainly a bundle of joy and energy tht no one can keep up with!! 😉

      the one thing we all said today, at some point or another, is that time just flew by! evrything is just so fresh in our minds..

      Wishing him the best of all the worlds! InshaAllah!!

    • Zaki !!!! So good to see you here. Yes, I know its your first time and you’ve chosen a great day too 🙂

      Time has really flown. I can almost remember that evening when we first disclosed the good news. That’s more than a year n a half back. And all that excitement. Yes, his first gift was from you guys. And we used to look at it every other day and wonder about the cute little feet that would one day adorn it. That card was just amazing. We have it pasted on Ibrahim’s cupboard 🙂

      He is so lucky to have such loving and caring phu and pops. And now very soon, Inshallah, you both will have memories of your own and more. Pull up your sleeves, mate 😀

  16. Now get ready for a roller coaster ride…from tearing books, to pouring water on the sofa,running around the house like it was on fire,electric sockets will see new fingers and table tops will see new legs sigh…all with that million dollar smile..!! you forgive everything….and then it begins again….:-))

  17. Late!!!!!

    God Bless Lil Ibbu!!!!! Bday special Hugs & Muahs from Crafty aunty! 😀

    How was the celebration? and where is the cake snaps ???

    😀 😀 😀

    all the best to Ibbu, i hope he is blessed with joy and happiness always. He is already blessed with a wonderful family 🙂

    ((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) Masood!

    ANd hope you and wifey enjoy this parenthood ride just as much!!! 😀

    have put him on my cupcake sidebar! 😀

    • Yes you are but chalo maaf kiya. You could have wished till tomorrow actually. That’s when the party is 😀

      Snaps et al will be tomorrow. Let me see if I can post a few sometime next week.

      Thanks for the wishes 🙂

  18. Awwww…..

    AWWWWW……such a lovely post Masood!!!! Belated wishes to ur lil boy!!!!

    I’m sure there is not a single woman who read this post who went away unaffected by those last lines about ur wife.

    God Bless U!!!!!

  19. Ayyoo…you are Owners Pride Neighbour’s Envy kind of Dad and husband 😆

    Belated wishes to the little wobbly guy and loved your lines that said one day he will carry his dreams…sigh!! you write daddy posts so well, straight out of your heart which touches our heart 🙄 Ok will stop trying to be poetic!!

    so how was the bday bash? you guys made that trip to Singapore or not?

    • hehe..that is not for me to comment !! 😉

      Thanks Sakshi for the wonderful wishes.

      Bday bash was awesome. He was cranky though because of the crowd but it was alright. We all had a good time.

      No, singapore not on cards anymore. And visa’s expire this week 😦

  20. Wow is all that i can manage to say 🙂
    You know something…everytime i read ur parenthood post, i wish i had a baby too 🙂
    such a beautiful post 🙂 U better show all these to Dear Ibrahim when he grows up..he’ll know exactly how much hes loved by his parents and other bloggers 🙂 🙂
    Do put up his pics for us to see 🙂
    Happy Birthday Ibrahim 🙂
    May Allah grant all of you all the love luck and happiness 🙂

    • hehe…thanks 🙂

      well, if WP and blogging is still around, say after 15 years, I will surely make him read all this. But who knows!!

      Ameen 🙂

  21. Wow, fultu senti post dude, Awesome. I’m sure your wife would’ve planned another baby on reading this 😛

    And Happy Bird Day Ibrahim ! And now get ready for the tough part. The first year is the easiest since he can’t do much on his own…

    Now you can start getting ready to see the terrorist side of him 😛

    But neverthless, it is still, all the same – fun 😀 Good luck and God Bless your family.

    • Hahaha 😀

      Thanks Rakesh. Yes, I always thought the first year would be the toughest, considering the fact that they are so little and fragile, but now that he can almost walk and gets naughtier by the day, I can really imagine what you mean!!!

      Thanks a lot for the wishes 🙂

  22. AWWWW I am sooo soo sorry that this comes as a belated wishes but hey on a positive note its good some people miss it that way the wishies come pouring all through the blessed month, right???

    Wishing you both and Ibrahim heartiest wishes, tum jiyo hazaaro saal saal ke din ho pachaas hazaar….wow that sounds good.

    and all that growing up part is so true and so so cute, I felt butterflies in my tummy just reading it.

    God Bless You All!!!!

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