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Sweet 16 for Roger Federer

Who is this guy? Is he from this planet? Is he human? Is he real? What is he made up of? Flesh and bones?

I doubt it.

With his 16th Grand Slam and 4th Australian Open championship, he has reasserted his greatness on world tennis.

People who don’t follow tennis for squats, you are missing out on history. Stories will be told about him. Legends will arise. Folks will recall these days and proudly say, “I was there”. We are witnessing the greatest phase in tennis history. He is possibly the single most dominant athlete in world sports today. We are audience to one of the greatest individual sportsperson ever to walk the face of this planet.

What Bradman is to cricket, Federer is/will be to tennis.

How else can you explain his performances on a tennis court? Or can you?

Players who loose to him must bow in respect. They were Federized.

As the master of ceremonies said yesterday, “Murray, you brought out the best in Federer. Not sure if you really want to do that.”

Words of wisdom for sure. Why would someone want to bring out the best in him?!

Nothing fazes him. Not the youth of his opponents. Not the pressure of maintaining supremacy. Not even the distractions of being a parent.

Federer is in a league of his own. And he is far from finished.

28 thoughts on “Sweet 16 for Roger Federer

  1. Oh !!! This Federer just rocks.

    Even though I love the aggressive Nadal’s style, I am a great admirer of Federer’s quite intensity and the smile that stays even when he is quite tensed.

    He is the best we have, today !!!! And, WOW, what a record – 16 grand slam titles !!!! 🙂

  2. For sure stories will be told about Federer 😈 stories about how an irritated wife smashed the TV because her husband acted as if he was dumb to her blah…blah…while watching Federer in action, stories of how a wife had to whip up an entire 4 course dinner for 10 people at short notice who dropped in to watch the grand master in action…. 😯 I tell you History is surely in the making if this guy plays more than a match in a year…I for one will make history in my very own home to begin with 👿

    Where is Deeps by the way??? She has not yet got the Federer smell from your blog? :mrgreen:

    All said and done I tolerate all this Federer Mania at my place only for one thing…. Federer has the cutest smile I have ever seen 😳

  3. I totally enjoyed watching him play this match as well!! 🙂

    I love wtahcing him play! He is a super player and all these wins just ascertain the fact that he is truly a tennis-legend!
    I am a 100% Federer fan! 😀

  4. He is again on a roll… seems like this year he will finish with 4 Slams…

    He makes the game of tennis so simple…

    I am missing a completely fit Nadal here…. I am a fan of him…

  5. yeah that was a neat game, his attitude in the final was phenomenal,he peaks at the right time, I read somewhere that as of January 25, 2010, he is ranked world number 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), having previously held the number one position for a record 237 consecutive weeks, imagine that….he’s definitely has a very cute smile but success does wonderful things to you…..see Masood some don’t have to make choices….they have it all 🙂

    btw ladies he is happily married to his sweetheart and has two lovely girls, not that it has to stop us from appreciating his cute smile 😉

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