Etiquettes and Hygiene

Last night me and my wife were out for dinner. We went to this awesome Pakistani restaurant (Yes, Paki. Be it 26/11 or IPL or terrorism whatever, but in front of those magical sheekh kababs and yum mutton peshawari, aaal izz welll!). Anyways, so we placed our order and were waiting. A few minutes later, a family took the table behind us. Each table is like a private chamber with curtains all around it, real cozy, can have a wonderful, quiet, private dinner. All of a sudden, there was this intolerable stink coming from god-knows-where. I knew what it was but decided to stay put for a few minutes but it was impossible to even breath. Got up to take a look. And not surprisingly, a gentleman from that table behind us had taken his shoes off!!! Can you believe that? Stinking feet at a restaurant!!!! I immediately asked the waiter to give us another table and we moved to the other half of the hall before we could lose the desire to eat food ever again!

But I don’t really understand one thing. We were sitting a good 4-5 feet away and his stinking feet nearly killed us. Why wasn’t he aware? Did he have ear plugs up his nose? What’s the deal? Gets me so crazy to see such inconsiderate people. I mean, who takes off his shoes at a restaurant? And this is a reasonably pricey and reputed place. People of all nationalities eat there. That man almost ruined my favorite Paki restaurant for me.

A few months back, me and my brother were returning home from work. His colleague requested for a ride back. Fair enough. He hopped into the back seat and we started. Within a few seconds, a few micro-seconds actually, the entire car began to stink. It was so bloody suffocating that I immediately had the windows down. But during peak summers in Dubai, we can hardly drive a minute with the windows down or the heat can kill you. So don’t have an option. As soon as the windows came up, the stink returned. We had no clue what to do. Didn’t want to offend the dude. So me, being the perfume fanatic that I am, always have a couple of bottles in the car. Immediately opened the glove compartment, took out a bottle and told my brother (he was driving), “Wow! When did you buy this one? Lemme spray it and see.” And sprayed it on my hand. And immediately kept my hand in front of the AC blower. For the next 45 min, we survived to see another day because of that.

Let me not get into the never-ending discussion about body odour and why can’t a person figure it out himself. I just don’t understand the logic. And either ways, odour or not, if you are at work, a bit of perfume or cologne is a must. Goes without saying. Atleast for white-collar jobs. Like I have preached forever, a good fragrance is like a person’s identity and careful consideration should be taken before choosing one. But no fragrance? I don’t know what to say to that.

These two incidents are alright. I can live through it. I can understand. I am still with you. But what really really really knocks me off is when I see people visit the restroom and walk out without washing their hands!!!! I have no words. Don’t get me wrong. I am not mysophobic. And I am not obsessed with cleanliness. But basic level of hygiene and etiquettes is a must. How could someone just walk off from a restroom without washing their hands? And I see so many of them at work (some from my work place while most from outside). What are these guys thinking? Please spare us the torture. Please!!!