The amazing rollercoaster ride of fatherhood

I’ve never had a blogger’s block before. That is, not until now. Often wondered how could someone not have anything to post. This whole week I wanted to post but didn’t have the faintest idea on what I can write about. I do have a few thousand thoughts running up and down my mind though. And so I choose to do what every one does at such times. Take up a tag.

Btw, there haven’t been too many tags lately. Why’s that? Just curious.

Anyways, I have a few pending tags. Some of them from a different time line I think!! Taking them up now.

The Amazing, crazy, fun, rollercoaster ride of motherhood fatherhood, tagged by Smitha, a zillion months ago. I need to list 5 things I absolutely love about being a dad. I’ve done a few posts on Ibrahim but never a tag. So here goes:

1. Putting him off to sleep at night. This is easily my favorite activity of the day. One that I do almost daily. I love preparing his bedtime milk formula. Then lie down next to him till he finishes it. And the best part. He turns towards my side, cuddles in nicely and goes off to sleep. It’s the best part of my day. His face, in all its innocence while asleep, gives me peace.

2. I love the fact that being a dad has, in many ways, completed me as a person. The entire experience of parenthood has opened up channels of emotions I thought never existed. And I am a fairly emotional man. So that is something.

3. The way he tries to catch my attention when he’s hurt himself (or pretends to be hurt!) making that innocent face, patting the place where he’s hurt and says “eh eh” till I go and pick him up. I absolutely adore that. How do kids know these things about their parents?

4. And the way he follows me every where I go blabbering all kinds of gibberish. Btw, he started walking a couple of weeks back, a few days after his 1st bday actually! And now all he does is walk all around the house. From one room to another. From the hall to the kitchen. He’s all over the place. And irrespective of what he may be doing, he follows me when I leave the room to wherever I may be going. Even to the bathroom. And throws a tantrum if I don’t take him in.

5. The responsibility of making him the man he will be one day. In more than many ways, he is going to be what we mold him into, depending on the values, morals and fundas we instill in him now and with time. Till he is ready to make his own decisions. That’s a heck of a responsibility. But I like that about being a parent.

There. Done. Wasn’t that hard, was it? So why the blogger’s block then? I don’t know.