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I really liked MNIK

Yes, really. As a moderate Muslim, I’ve had my fair share of harassments post 9/11. Though I’ve chosen not to be too vocal about it, watching the movie couple of days back really unfolded a story that countless Muslims like me faced around the world. One that of being labeled a terrorist or looked upon with suspicion all the time. Of trying to justify what you are not rather than what you are.

My name is Khan dwelled on this subject beautifully. On stereotyping on basis of name or religion.

Questions are always asked as to why Islam is such a violent religion. It actually is not. It is of peace and compassion. For fellow Muslims. For fellow humans. For humanity. Finally someone has depicted this in true light.

I know how it feels when someone looks at you top to bottom with that look in his/her eyes. I’ve had my baggage rechecked all over again at airport security after officers ask me my name. I had pressing questions from immigration officers before stamping my passport. I’ve had people asking me if Masood Azhar or Abu Salem are my relatives. I’ve had strangers ask me questions on things I’ve not done or even thought off before. I’ve accepted this as a trade off for being who I am.

MNIK has touched on terrorism, hijab (veil), jihad (religious war), charity (zakat), public service, compassion, love etc. It has touched on how one can be misguided or be guided and how it is a choice. MNIK has touched upon the lives of millions of ordinary Muslims who have nothing to do with terrorism or terrorist activities yet are branded as one.

MNIK has shown that there is nothing wrong to follow a particular faith or religion. And that it is a deeply personal thing. And everyone is entitled to his or her set of beliefs.

Edited to add: Also read what Maria has to say on the same subject at http://cut-to-cut.blogspot.com/2010/02/it-was-khantastic.html


34 thoughts on “I really liked MNIK

    • Well written Masood. Its indeed sad to c ppl nt being sensitive to other’s feelings and asking illogical qs 😦
      I understand they hv a fear and r trying to secure themselves, but then they shud know where to draw the lines 😦
      I had written a post on Ramadan sometime bk, just a wish and then added a poem that I like .. something abt God and his gifts. I did get a comment saying that I can’t call Allah as God bcoz they r not same, though all I had done is just put a wish and the poem together. I just chose to respect the person’s thoughts .. to each his own. But, such things shud not make us qs each other’s beliefs esp. if and when they mean no harm 😦

  1. I guess I understand where you come from… ! I too have a couple of Muslim friends who are as Indian and as non violent as any can be.. and yet… 😐 generalisation and categorisation are something which humans err on all the time… where as each human is different… ! 😐

    having said taht I just hate this SRK / KJO type movies too much to see it… ! 😦

  2. Very well written, Masood !! It is quite irritating, when u r scrutinised at airports and malls, just becos of the religion u follow.

    Thats what I keep telling ppl – there are so many muslims around the world, who are not for terror strikes at all. And in so many places in India, religious tolerance is best practised.

    Lets stop generalising things, becos of a group of ppl, who are on a terror attack.

  3. Well said Masood… what you say makes perfect sense.
    But the atorcity and the generalisations need to stop, we need to be much more snsitive as human beings… being singled out, based on one’s religion is not a nice thing.
    The message the movie conveys, is beautiful and just right.

  4. I have not seen t nor do I intend to do so.
    I am very angry with the way the whole episode was conducted for the release of the film.
    What if another producer comes to an understanding with SS for publicity, will the govt extend support of 20000 cops for release.
    I guess it is my loss if I miss the movie.

  5. I believe every religion is harmless until some stupid leaders take it up for their personal cause. I am a born muslim too and it never surprises me when I see the reaction of some people when they get to know about it after a few meetings.

    Yet to watch the movie and somehow dont wnat to watch it in theater after all that hungama around SRK 😡

  6. well said masood i have a very very close muslim friend an he says the same thing as u… when we talk sometimes there is so much hurt in his eyes without no faults of his… its a sad situation the world has come to because of a handful of people…

    ek machli saare talab ko ganda karti hai 😦 high time someone showed the positive side i went to see kurbaan when saif said in an interview that it was what they are attempting but was terribly disappointed and hence didnt even attempt this one may be will see on DVD now

    • Yes, they really managed to pull it off this time. The message is crisp and clear. I didn’t see kurbaan yet but heard terrible reviews. So didnt bother.

  7. very sensitively said Masood, totally agree with your review about the movie, your thoughts and views….I also live by the rule that there are only two sets of people the right ones and the wrong ones, nothing else exists really if we are willing to see very very closely without prejudice.

    One needs to have education, exposure and own set of values to really understand that no religion preaches violence and the ideas and crimes are totally personal, we need to get our minds to do the thinking instead of feeding on what is fed to us by our so called international media.

    “There is no greater wealth than wisdom; no greater poverty than ignorance”

    • Bravo. “One needs to have education, exposure and own set of values to really understand that no religion preaches violence and the ideas and crimes are totally personal, we need to get our minds to do the thinking instead of feeding on what is fed to us by our so called international media” Very nicely said. You’ve echoed my thoughts.

  8. Me too likd this a movie lot…
    its common story with extraordinary treatment…SRK is my favourite and he played very well charachter of autistic muslim.
    Main punch line in film “My name is khan I m not trerrorist” says all…how an ordinary man has to give justification of the things he is not even closely related..
    Wish this movie could give some sense to americans and all other ppl who generalise on behalf of religion..

    • Yes, this story shows what an ordinary normal muslim thinks and feels like. Hope this has helped clear a lot of misconceptions.

      And SRK’s acting was awesome!!!

  9. I am a hindu brahmin,or so i am told.
    I wear tirupati locket made of gold.
    my wrist has a black thread,
    came from Ajmer sharief someone said,
    my wallet has a family photo within,
    Jesus is comfortably tucked in.
    my blood has the same color
    in death I share the same horror,
    my soul knows no one,
    he understands only the power of ONE.

    Your and my review of MNIK are very different – is it because we come from different communities? Naah dont think so.I think I understand movie making a bit better. [:-)

    As i grow old I am becoming more spiritual and less religious…dont know if that make sense to you….and i think that is the way forward.

    • Wow, did you just make that up? 🙂

      Anyways, this post was just a little peep into a message that the movie conveyed. Not the movie per se, which eitherways, I really liked. And why it made sense to me was because I’ve faced some harassment myself. I think the difference is not because we are from two different communities but because of some experiences. What say?

  10. Well…u bet!! I like cinema and always have appreciated it’s craft moreover because of this reason, that through this medium at least they try to strike the right chord u know!!! The fraternity i say is much beyond religion and stuff…or whatever …they reach out the masses big way..just that ppl are not wise enough to get the message across or try to look at the perspective!

  11. I too liked the movie….for a KJo movie it was quite ‘grownup’ tho ofcourse he cdnt resist adding masala here and there :-D. And if didnt we wd have been disappointed.

    The way Rizwans mother drew and explained was the best….so ridiculously simple yet some people just dont see it 😦

  12. I missed this post. Masood.

    I haven’t seen the movie, but when I heard the reaction, it seems like KJo and SRK have handled the topic very well indeed. All these preconceptions and assumptions are so unfair, isn’t it? Judging people on basis of their names or religion? It is so sad that it happens all over the world. We need more movies like these to open our eyes to the injustice.

    I have read and heard so much about this movie, Masood, am dying to watch it.

  13. Came to your blog while bloghopping. Isn’t it interesting (and amazing) that it takes Bollywood in all its screechy, overblown masala melodrama to really address important issues of our times? Both about terrorism (Dil Se, A Wednesday) and religious and ethnic profiling (MNIK). Something that supposedly more “sophisticated” or “realistic” cinema traditions have not been able to do. Shows that we have consistently underestimated Bollywood’s power to be more than just mass entertainment.

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