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The Dentist – II

Since my last visit to the dentist, my teeth have been pretty stable (or atleast that’s what I thought). Not until last Thursday afternoon that I realized they were in absolute shambles. I had lunch with my brother that day. And as soon as I got to my desk, I felt this uneasy pain in my head. And within minutes, it was unbearable. My left temple, eye, jaw and ear was in excruciating pain. So much so that even my left hand and leg started paining. Any movement whatsoever increased the pain in my head.

A friend and a colleague took me to an emergency unit in a nearby hospital. Since my left side was hurting, all doctors immediately came rushing to my aid. A few basic diagnostic tests later, they relaxed a bit. Finally the doctor informed that the pain was due to a cavity in my upper left molar. I was a little confused. How could a silly cavity almost collapse me? I was wrong. Cavities have that kinda effect on its victims.

So a pain-killer and an hour later, I was discharged.

I finally saw a dentist on Sunday. Apparently, my teeth are a big mess. The upper left molar, my wisdom tooth, has to be removed. And they will perform a root canal on the other cavity, with whatever little hope, to save it. This is my upper right molar. Plus I need to take heavy dose of antibiotics and painkillers to see me through the week for my appointment coming Saturday.

As you can see, with two terrible cavities on both sides, I am almost food-less for the last 3 days. Largely on a liquid diet.  Even the slightest provocation leads to excruciating pain that last anything from half a minute to half a day.

My next appointment is on Saturday. And it’s NOT gonna be a walk in the park. And my wife is also not with me!

48 thoughts on “The Dentist – II

  1. a nice dentist can make it pass by like a breeze… i am telling u by experience. not RC but just a simple surgery and cleaning that i had last month..
    all the best n tk cr..

  2. So, you are losing your wisdom ????? 😉

    Anyway, take good care – antibiotics can be quite strong and so, eat well, before medication.

    I understand, the moment spouse goes for a trip, the better half falls ill. Take care !!! 🙂

    • Yes, you can say that Uma. I am gonna loose my wisdom 😀

      Those antibiotics are pretty strong and I am unable to eat anything. Somehow managing.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Take care buddy ! Dont worry, after one or two root canals, you will get used to it 😀 :D. I have had several surgeries in my mouth. 😀 😀 😀

    Please do take ur medicines on time 🙂

    • LOL You speak as if you’ve been playing cat and mouse with RC all your life!

      I’ve had a RC before but that was close to 10 years back. And come to think of it, I was a lot braver then. Right now, I feel like a chicken who knows its gonna get slaughtered!

  4. When my husband feels he is going to come down with a cold…..he needs pampering !

    I can imagine your state of pain and no pampering too !!

    Try the good ole home remedy of a clove oil/ or clove .

    Get well soon!!

    • I can do with some pampering. But no one here to pamper me!!!

      My wife, the darling that she is, already arranged for clove oil before she left. I had complained of tooth ache a few times before.

      Thanks 🙂

      p.s. I think this is your first comment here. Welcome to my blog. And keep visiting 🙂

  5. Oh ho .. I am so so scared of a dentist even though I hv nt had any problem till nw .. touchwood. I so hope it all goes off well and without much pain for u! Take care Masood.

  6. Oh Gosh!! I hv a wisdom tooth too..and doc have advised to take it off…but just the thought of dentist’s ARTISTRY & post trauma..has made me skip it 😉

    Anyways, i know how tough it must be so take care 🙂

    • Btw, taking off the wisdom tooth is almost a painless procedure. That’s actually the easiest thing. Takes a few minutes only. And since they inject you with local anesthesia, you hardly feel the pain.

      On the contrary, a RC is terrible and more complicated. Requires several seatings with the dentist to complete the procedure.

      • You knw Masood….I sumhow don trust docs so much 😦 u may call it phobia or whtever..these days the meaning has changed…everything ..from a doctors service to medical procedures have become commercial to the core.. therez no sensitivity..I knw am getting into an altogether diff topic but i literally avoid…unless it’s really crtitical..which has its adverse effects though

        • well, i’ve had my fair share of disappointment from docs. these days its all about the money. a cousin got operated 4 times last month, and that too brain surgery, because the docs couldn’t get it right. and they still haven’t. we changed hospitals now. he’s lined up for a 5th surgery later this week.

          but what you say is so true. its all commercial now. i read your post on how docs treated your mom. its sad really.

  7. Aww…i know how painful these things can b. My husband is a victim of cavity too…although wisdom never showed up on him!!!
    The 2 docs im really scared of r- dentists and gyaneac…dont wanna b near any of them!!

    All the best!

  8. Compare RC to implants – implants are more or less permanent and the two healthy teeth on both the sides are not damaged for putting a ‘bridge’.
    Implants are painless too.
    You get a titanium root and a natural looking crown – in my case the decayed tooth was extracted and a root implanted at the same time. Crown was ready in a week or so.

    • Implants? Interesting. Lemme google it.

      The doc I am seeing is actually a specialist from France. Very senior. I’ll suggest it to him and see what he says. All I want is the pain to be minimal. Doesn’t matter how long it takes.

  9. Aawww that’s no good, you are in pain and there’s no one to fuss pchh pchh and its gonna pain more with no Iram around 😉

    Good Luck for saturday, although I don’t understand what the pain in the tooth is like, but I have seen the bravest people fearing before the d date….so can understand your concern (yeah I have never been to a dentist all my life, can you believe??).

    • Lucky lucky you. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with them all my life. But luckily, more love than hate. But every now and then, this happens.

      And without the missus, it is more difficult 😦

  10. Oye! your wisdome all gone? Join me. Mine too. 😦

    It is good to take Wisdome teeth anyways. More space and less cavities.

    I used to visit my Dentist often because he was cute in a nerdy way. Now he is gone. So I take care of my teeth. :p

    • haha..yes my wisdom is all in bad shape. lol always was! :p

      i’ve heard contradicting opinions about the wisdom tooth. some say its better to get rid of em while others say to save it as far as possible. either ways, mine has gotta go. cannot be saved.

      lol oh well, my dentist is a 40+ yr old man. so no points for guessing the level of my enthusiasm!

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