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That ulcer could be a baby!

A Dubai air stewardess gave birth to a 6 month baby during her 24 hour layover in a Johannesburg hotel. And that not the freaky part. You know what is? She was not aware that she was pregnant! Read more here. On having terrible pains in her stomach, she thought it was an ulcer.

It’s unbelievable. How can a woman not know she is 6 months pregnant? I understand if it is 3-4 months but 6 months? I feel sorry for her and her baby. Had she known before hand, wouldn’t she be more careful? She risked her life and the life of her baby due to carelessness and negligence. Thankfully both the mother and baby are fine now.

And I surely would like to know who that doctor was. If blood and urine tests cannot uncover a pregnancy, what can?

Moreover, I think the Dubai laws are very harsh in such cases. An unmarried women cannot have babies here. If she does, both the women and her partner gets arrested. That’s why the number of cases of abandoned babies are on the rise here.

Now I am thinking who is to blame? The mother for not being more aware or the doctor for not figuring it out despite the tests or the Dubai govt for such laws? In my opinion, all are responsible. But the onus lies with the mother. Its her body, her system, her baby. She should have known better.

41 thoughts on “That ulcer could be a baby!

  1. Indeed, agree with you. How can she not know that she is pregnant ??? Its weird.

    And secondly, even if she thot it was ulcer, she shld have consulted a doc, right ????

    Thank God, mom and baby are fine.

      • Yes, a decade back, ppl hesitated to scan and find out abt pregnancies or ulcers or anything. Now, even a slight abdomen pain, the doc asks for a scan report. And I think, the scan report would have showed that she had a baby, and not an ulcer.

        So, while it is possible to have missed a pregnancy test, so many years back, it is not possible to miss now, with the kind of technology that supports it. All this, if the girl would have visited a doc, early.

  2. Masood I had acidity for the first time in my life when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was sure it was Jaundice. Particularly if it is first pregnancy then it is not impossible to not know. In my case the pregnancy did not show till the last two months and those who did not know couldn’t make out there was a pregnancy. If the doctor hadn’t insisted I would have not realised it either. It’s not unheard of for women to not come to know.

    I would say this was really, really sad, but I wouldn’t blame the mother. Her doctor – yes because he has experience and he is trained to identify and diagnose symptoms.

    Dubai government for such inhuman, misogynistic laws. YES.

    • Wow. This is the first I am hearing of. Normally there are so many signs to identify if a person is pregnant or not. Ofcourse the bump is not too visible up until the 5-6 month so that’s one benefit of doubt.

      I must agree that the laws don’t make it any better. But Dubai is a zillion times more liberal than other gulf countries. When it comes to misogynistic laws, this particular law is right up there. But that’s about it. Most other laws here are pro-women. You know what’s my favorite one? A women can sponsor her husband and her kids. I just love that. Normally and in many countries, it is the man who has the legal right of visa sponsorship of his spouse and kids but the law here allows her to support her family. I like that kinda empowerment.

        • IHM, just figured one thing. This particular law is not exactly misogynistic. In case someone has a baby outside wedlock, both the mother and father are held responsible. Not just the mother.

    • @ IHM : How did you come to a conclusion that the doctor who diagnosed her was a ‘he’ ? Its not mentioned anywhere in the article and cant find any other related articles also !!! Just waiting for an opportunity to blame any man, huh ? 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • yeah, the law is a little unreasonable but they just don’t want to encourage couples having babies outside wedlocks. Not a bad thing theoretically speaking but not sure if it is practically possible. its resulting into people abandoning babies. clearly the law is not stopping them from reproducing. in the end, it is the babies who are suffering most.

  3. Very very strange. But yes, i know of a case in my family, and she didn’t know she was pregnant till the 6th month. Nothing changed for her and she just couldn’t detect. But after her delivery she faced complications for a whole year!

    Although Dubai is very liberal and modern, I do not understand the law on unwed moms in Dubai. Time for change and reality check!

    • Strange it is. What worries me is that if the baby is not detected till the 6 month, what happens to all the important nutrients that have to go to the baby and the mother during the early parts of pregnancy? Like Calcium, Folic Acid, Hemoglobin etc. Without all that, there can be serious complications to both after delivery.

    • Chowla ji, that is exactly what I was trying to uncover. But as per IHM’s comments above, it is possible.
      Though I am wondering if this entire story was fabricated just to escape the legal ramifications in Dubai.

  4. not coming to know for 6 months is a little hard to believe… it really is.. i mean six months is a LOT of time.. im sure ur body gives u all sorts of hints of a baby inside!!!! ( ok, may be in some cases its not “all sorts of hints” but it still will be some hints!!)

    an unmarried woman cant have a baby in dubai? u serious? so wat do unwed mothers do? its either an MTP or abandoning the baby?she cant have her baby in a hospital and legally relinquish it for adoption??

    • Yes, but there have been cases were people who were not expecting to conceive, somehow don’t notice the signs. But I think the probability of that happening has to be one in a million or so. Otherwise the signs are pretty self explanatory and conclusive. Atleast enough to push you to see a gynaec.

      Every now and then, there is a news report of someone abandoning their baby. Its actually sad. I’m not sure of the exact legal ramifications but apparently the govt takes it as a very serious offence.

  5. how can a woman not realise she is pregnant ??? donno how thats even possible !! Theres something like missing periods and stuffs, na ? and there are other symptoms too, right ? and oh yes, I did read IHMs comment too. but somehow, I just cant believe all these ! 😀 😀 😀

    Moreover, if I am not wrong, that piece of news has come only in that particular website and no where else.

    • Exactly!!!
      Yes, that piece of news hasn’t come in the national newspapers. But this source (7days) is also pretty reputed and reliable out here.

  6. really weird. especially reading IHM’s account that even she didn’t know… But I guess, what she was saying is that she didn’t get any signals but she did know for sure since her doctor told her.

    I don’t really think it is possible to know for six months.

    The other angle is the one with the most probability. The laws here sometimes turn out to be really weird.

  7. It is totally strange not knowing that u r pregnant till 6 months!! As you say it is utter carelessness both on the part of the mother n doctor!! However after having read the article I feel that this lady hadn’t even bothered to collect the reports!!! You know there are cases when ppl don’t know till early few months but then as far as I know your body gives you so many signals that you will come to know!!!

  8. A Dubai air stewardess who gave birth to her baby in a hotel room had no idea she was even pregnant.

    Liz Curry, who works for Emirates and was alone on a 24-hour layover in South Africa, had thought she was suffering from a stomach ulcer in the months leading up to the dramatic delivery.

  9. Eh?! How can one not know about a pregnancy?! very weird and strange…
    The doctor should have known better when he/she treated that lady…
    Poor thing, to have thought her ulcer was a baby!!
    One needs time emotionally to adjust to the idea of having a baby, but to be led to it like this!! Scary!

    Glad to know mother and baby are fine…

  10. Dubai ke list of laws plz….may be for ur next post ?? Deal? 😀

    May be that Dubai Air stewardess needed sum quick fame? 😉

    • Monika, identifying that you are pregnant or not has to start with the mother. That’s what I meant. There’s no way a man can know if his wife/partner is pregnant all by himself.

      And yes, once that is out of the way, then the onus lies 100% with the parents, throughout the pregnancy and so on.

  11. and btw its possible… that u dont come to know urself. the doctor should have been more responsible… one of my friends friends discovered in only 6th month when the baby kicked and she was like what is this that she is pregnant… strange but true… if u are one who has totally irregular cycles and no pain symptoms then hardly anything u doubt….

    think of the mom who doesnt realise how strange it will be for her

    • Yes, as IHM says above, it is possible. It actually happened to her. But I think its only possible in rare cases. Like maybe one in a few thousand. Normally as soon as we notice some irregularity, morning sickness, breathlessness etc, any symptom actually, we run to the doc and get examined. Just to be on the safe side.

      Absolutely. I really felt sorry for her. To go through all that, all by herself, in her hotel room. Gosh, it is scary!

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