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FB + Twitter > WP?

I think so. Over the last 4-6 weeks, most of my updates and social discussions have been either on Facebook or Twitter. And I have seen that trend for quite some time amongst bloggers.

Are bloggers moving away from blogging to other social networking platforms?

It is a rather sad and painful transition I must say. We bloggers have established such a fantastic forum of knowledge transfer (read: bakwaas & lukhagiri) and seeing that on the decline is quite upsetting. And what’s worse is that I also seem to be following the same path.

Is FB and Twitter eating up blogs? After all, twitter is considered micro-blogging. And with status updates on FB and subsequent comments, it isn’t too different from blogging. What do y’all think?

Edited to add: Is it even fair to compare them?


86 thoughts on “FB + Twitter > WP?

  1. I think that’s true.. one of the reasons is, blogging consumes loads of time u need think, draft it properly and then post.. wherein F.B & Twitter status messages, u can just type in whatever on your mind at that particular moment.. You get lot more responses/comments on F.B & Twitter then ur blog posts!!!

    • yes, that’s true. plus a lot of people are active on FB as compared to blogs. Infact only about 10% of my entire friend list on FB are active on blogs.

      so yes, that could be a reason. but i was also thinking, is it fair to compare blogging with FB and twitter?

      • I know the blogger community is not gonna like this comparison but we have to accept this bitter truth that, this is the trend now…. as we are becoming more & more time conscious, I think things like these are obvious to come up…

        • Yeah. its far more convenient. Everything at a click of a button. And since you brought up ‘time’, its far more easy to read a 140 character message that a 500 word essay! :p

  2. I am not in twitter and facebook . So cant even compare !!! 😀 😀 😀 But I dont like the trend either ! Its like forgetting their roots, na ? 😀

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  4. Couldn’t agree with you more! FB & twitter do seem to be attracting traffic like never before. I was always active on FB even when I was blogging regularly. But now blogging for me has taken a bit of a backseat :(. Lately I’ve been active on twitter too, mainly to get a quick update of whats happening around. What I like about twitter is that I get to read the latest news with just one click and I find that so much more convenient than searching the web for different sites.

    • Exactly. With twitter, everything is so quick and convenient. All at one touch. No wonder its called micro-blogging. I had a FB account for more than 2 years but was not very active. Just picked up lately. I love twitter though since day 1.

    • hehe well so what does this tell you?
      go ahead and create your profiles on them. don’t have to diminish you love of blog-world for that 😉

    • Me too I dont have twitter a/c and my facebook account is like a joke….to be frank I have no clue wht to do there. So I go there, comment on all the friends status and feel happy 😀

      • haha that’s how its done nancy. for a long time, i was pretty dormant on FB. but commenting on status messages and leaving a few yourself is what everyone does. once in a while uploading some stupid picture. abracadabra. you are sucked in to the world of FB 😀

  5. I have both the accounts but then I am not as active as I am in blogging there now and I will never 🙂 🙂

    I love blogging over social networking sites anyday… and bro, for your info you haven’t visited my blog for a long time… give some time for us also 😀 😀

    • Good good. The only thing that worries me is that on FB we have our entire social network.Friends from school, college, colleagues, relatives and family. It is far more easy to network with them than through blogs.

      Sorry bro. I have been rather lazy for a couple of weeks and have not been blog-hopping too much. Will be at it sooooper soon.

  6. Hmmm…worth thinking…but i dont think one is killing the other. Yes, it does decrease you blogging maybe, coz you have already FBed and tweeted about issues, but still some things deserve a longer writeup and some things are not meant for FB!
    But, phir bhi..what u said makes sense! hmmmmm…am thinking 🙂

    • Yes, that’s exactly what happened to me. I didn’t know what to blog coz most of what I had to say/discuss/share was done on FB. But yes, some issues require a long writeup and that’s where blogs come in the picture!

  7. I love the blog world despite FB and twitter 🙂 Although I have been out of the blog-world, I still think blogging is much more fun 🙂 But I seem to be in a minority 😦

  8. I agree with what you say! Lots of people have stopped networking thru the blog because they either have stopped writing and/or commenting!! 😀

    But, blogging is something which helps me express more, write more and of course helps me maintain a very minimal and boundary level anonymity which doesn’t come with an FB account!

    I still don’t have a twitter account, but FB helps me keep in touch with college and school people… 🙂

  9. I like blogging, as I can do it at my own pace and still dont feel late in commenting. But on FB or Twitter, you dont login for a day, so many things happen which I cant fathom abt.

    And I dont like to be checking on FB or Twitter the whole day !!!

    • Yeah, I felt the same till a few weeks back. But now its all about convenience. Plus I think it comes down to what we are really here for. If you just wanne be in touch with friends, saying hellos, sharing pics and updating status messages or its more meaningful discussions with like minded people. Guess we cannot compare the two.

  10. we cant compare the mediums..but yes one has only as much time..
    if anything, microblogging will improve the quality of actual blogs or so i believe..

    • I agree. Twitter and blogging compliment each other. FB is a different mechanism all together. You are right. We cannot compare them.

      But then, ever since bloggers have moved to twitter, they are not posting as often. Ofcourse there are some religious bloggers who have not stopped posting. But many others have. That’s a troubling trend.

  11. I like the blog most….
    I have the fb and twitter account… i use fb regularly…
    but I dont think that is a good platform for the ppl who can think well.. can express… too much botheration of notifications.. and very silly comments…

    I love wordpress 😀

  12. I must say its exactly opposite for me..I am on FB but not on twitter..but orkut/facebook have taken back seats in my life since i have started blogging on WP aggressively 🙂

    • Wokay!!! So finally someone has a complete opposite framework.

      I guess folks who picked up blogging early are now exploring FB/orkut/twitter while other who picked that up first, are exploring blogging now.

      Infact I was super active on orkut till I was in India (3 yrs back). And then had a FB account but back then, didn’t find it any different. So when I took to blogging, it really caught my fancy. But after 2.5 yrs of blogging, I seem to be heading back towards FB (orkut is useless now!).

  13. I love blogging and Twitter more, they complement each other 🙂
    Twitter is great for quick discussions with an endless flow of opinions, I wanted to know if I was the only one who found Tharoor’s resignation difficult to understand – and Twitter was just the place to find out 🙂

    And the amount of links one can share on Twitter! It’s better than any news channel 🙂 And these are a blessing in blogging 🙂

    • LOL I just replied to Iya’s comment saying that blogging and twitter compliment each other. And came down here to see you said the same! 😀

  14. I agree so many people are attracted to FB these days, adn I think its a good and easy medium in this busy world.

    Everyone can FB and Twitter but not everyone can blog Masood….I think that people who has talent/interest/flair for writing can blog whereas FB is more for keeping in touch and communicating, its not as rich and doensn’t have the scope for serious writing and sharing of ideas and information, you can’t say so much on FB or twitter.

    I like FB but I love blog world.

    • Yes, I think its just due to ease of use. Blogging takes time and thinking. People don’t have either of them these days. But you are right. Anyone can FB or twitter but not everyone can blog. That is something for us bloggers to be proud of 🙂

  15. Look at it this way – for those blogs who write every day tid bits – this might actually be applicable…but for some of us who like to write long posts,stories,poems…that will not suffice.

    I have seen on my blog as a trend – the shorter the post – more comments…the longer it is the lesser the comments. People are becoming increasingly impatient in pursuit of instant gratification.

    Which is why i dont subscribe to a gazillion blogs, because i wont do justice to them.i re a few and read them in detail, and it is quite an enjoyable experience when such behavior is reciprocated.

    • That so true. Longer the post, lesser the comments. Infact I often wonder if people even read before commenting 😀

      Yes, for more detailed, creative posts, stories, poems, blogging is the only forum. For quick short-messaging conversations, its FB and Twitter.

  16. Masood, I still rate blogging higher than any medium. My blog is the only place where I can write to my heart’s content. It’s just that now with work and lot of other things, I don’t have enough time to write a detailed post and engage in a discussion. I do have drafts which mainly has passing thoughts. When I publish that, I keep comments off b/c there’s nothing to discuss there.

    Other than blogging, I only use Twitter. When I registered I was not using it much but slowly and now that I’m working, I find twitter convenient and useful. If used properly, it is an ocean of info. I love getting into discussions, interacting with interesting people and other times just learning from them. The best thing is that I don’t need to put much thought before tweeting. It is instant exchange of thoughts and idea.

    I would never close down my blog. I will continue to pour my thoughts to it when I get time.

    • Aah, so you started working? Now that I did not know! And I kept wondering why you slowed down on blogging. Chalo good hai.

      Yeah, I guess each social platform has its uniqueness. I just hope we do justice to all.

      So when are you coming on FB? Rashmi got inspired and created a FB account the day I posted 😀

      • I still have flexible timing. I’m never coming on FB.:D I told you the use of Twitter. So I’m there. What will I do on other social networks?

    • Solilo you are working! I didn’t know that and I instantly looked up to see when this comment was posted and realised this theme doesn’t show the date and time when the comment was posted! Not good…

  17. I dont log into the net so much… to blog atleast need some peace of mind and time with internet…!

    I barely log in for 20-30 mins and so twitter and fb happen… I dont particularly prefer them over the blog but … such is my case these days… !

    but I am sure I ll be back to blogging a lot more and blog hopping too !

    • well, yes I’ve noticed you’ve been missing from blogs lately. Time is another reason why this trend is increasing.

      Looking forward to seeing you back on blogs – blogging and hopping 🙂

  18. i think all of them have their own place..of course tweeting takes much less time blogging.. but each medium has its own value.. i mean when i hv a lot to say, twitter just wont serve the purpose…

  19. Good point to think about…I guess FB kinda concept is popular coz you get more responses, something what most social animals look up to….you can make it short, pirated, plagiarized, and get connected instantaneously..I guess it will take over blogging someday, just like corn flakes is replacing aloo parantha

    • yep, with FB you have instant responses and visibility to your entire friend list. With blogging, if you have to get responses, folks will have to drop by on their own to read and comment. Unlike FB, blogging is 100% on someone’s choice. FB is for the quick networker while blogging is for the long-term players! 😀

  20. Twitter ate into my blogging time..and now even my twitter account goes silent for days on end
    so end result no blogging, no tweeting

    its all about time management and too much on my plate right now.

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