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Making it count

Its been a while since I posted. Not that I am terribly busy or something. Just lazy. And have been neglecting this blog and the blog world as well.

But a jolt woke up me. And that too from the blog world.

The news about IHM’s daughter, Tejaswee Rao, left me shocked and speechless. I could not believe it. This is so unfortunate. And it has been on the back of my mind all along. Every now and then, when it comes to mind, I am lost in my thoughts, often with a lump in my throat.

Last evening I revisited IHM’s last post and went through some of the comments and condolences. One particular comment really caught my attention. I did not read all of them so forgive me if there are more like these, but this one just stood out. It was from a person who chose to call herself  “Someone you know”. Here is that comment:

I’m there for you
August 13, 2010 11:48 pm

you have found so many daughters here on blogsphere IHM..we all are with you in your pain. not to shed tears, but to give you strength. We will never be able to take Tejaswee’s place, but we are there if you need us. this is the space where you will find us whenever you need us.

– Someone you know

A loss is a loss. No one can replace the loss of a loved one. But what IHM has done to the blog-world, by her posts, her messages, her thoughts, her values and her ideas, has helped countless others to look at life with a different perspective. Maybe even gather the courage to go out there and fight after all was lost. Not too many people can boast about that. Not too many have that kind of influence and respect amongst peers.

So it was not at all surprising to see someone leave a comment like that. I felt relieved and satisfied. Hats off to whoever wrote that comment for standing up at the right time and making it count. You have my respect.

May Tejaswee’s soul rest in peace. And may God almighty give you and your family strength to cope with this loss, IHM. God bless.


12 thoughts on “Making it count

  1. That was really sad to know about tejaswee,she left so soon.I am been reading her post on future,which i am going to show to my daughter when she is big enough to understand,i have read it many times.

    Since i read that last post of IHM i have not slept properly,If at all god wants to take her so soon,why did he gave her—-this was my question to god

    IHM is and will be my ideal,i have learnt many things from her and both IHM and tegaswee will be in my mind forever.It is very difficult for IHM to be strong.

  2. Hugs to you Masood. You’ve put in words everything that every blogger feels I believe. Right down to the losing one’s thoughts to this news, and the lump in the throat.

    If i ever lose my faith in friendships, i have a few blog buddies who will restore it for me. Such is this place.

    You’ve written this beautifully! Hugs!

  3. i read up the blogs too n was very disturbed. It is really unfair n unfortunate, but truly…God knows best. May her soul rest in eternal peace. N may God almighty give the families n friends strength to endure this loss. Ameen.

  4. Whenever it comes to gng for a trip, am totally excited and keep moving arnd for no reason. We travelled this Saturday too but things were just nt same @ all. even if we only know her as IHM, she is so much a part of all of us, that Tejaswee’s loss is something I just did nt want to believe. I ws hoping against hope that the news would be wrong 😦
    This comment is so true though! Hugss IHM!

  5. You have chosen all the perfect words to tell how many of us bloggers felt. It came to me as a surprise that it doesn’t matter if we have never seen a person in real but can still feel the pain. IHM is one of those rare bloggers who I feel deeply for. And yes, am honoured to know such a great woman.

  6. That was seriously a jolt.. it has shaken the entire blog world!!! Through our mundane chores and routine, Tejaswee remains at the back of my mind… always wondering why God took away someone so young and so radiant…. 😦

  7. That was so beautifully written, Masood. Yes the unfortunate news did come as a jolt. But as you rightly IHM has inspired a lot of us, with her posts, messages and thoughts, to deal with grief and difficult times.

    Tejaswee’s radiant smile, her letter to her daughter will always remain in my heart.

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