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What’s in a brand?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. Did not get a chance to blog about it yet. But its never too late.

So what’s in a brand? How important are labels in our daily life? Why are we ready to spend a lot (sometimes an insane) amount of money just for that Polo t-shirt or a Tommy Hilfiger shirt? A Tissot watch or a pair of Hush Puppies? And ofcourse Mont Blanc writing instruments!

Many people believe that labels should not run our lives. I did too for a while but personally I am fond of them so I never ran from them. Embraced it as when I felt was needed. Now that brings me to the real reason behind this post.

Do we need labels? Do we need a wear brands to represent us? Do we really need that tiny logo on your shirt or trouser sometimes? Is it just merely showing off or is it sometimes a necessity?

Purists will say we are what we are and that we don’t need a brand or label to represent us. We should just be ourselves and everything else will take care of itself. I personally don’t believe in that.

I think sometimes it is necessary to carry a particular brand. It gives out a statement. Tells the world who you are. But again, that logic just defines how you think of yourself. What about what everyone thinks of you?

I work for a one of the largest IT company on the planet. And one of the perks of working for a big IT giant is that you get a chance to meet tons of people across the board. Three weeks back I was in Johannesburg for some meetings. Btw, the idea behind this post came to me then. Anyways, so like all meetings, we came, we met and we left. There were about 25-30 of us in a large round-table conference room. And you will not believe it but each and everyone in that room was dressed up wearing, you guessed it, some kind of label. Either it was Gant, CK, Polo, TH, Nautica, Levis etc.

It got me thinking. If I noticed it, and if everyone in the room was wearing it, then everyone was noticing that about everyone else. And that’s when I struck me, sometimes, we almost need to wear a luxury or a premium brand just to be part of the crowd. To fit in. To be one of them. Unknowing and sometimes, unwantedly, we get sucked into it.

Lucky for me, I am conscious of what I wear always. So I was well dressed and flaunting my labels as well. But that’s because I like it that way. I love to wear good clothes. Yes, it makes me feel good. But wearing it to please a crowd? No, I don’t think so. But I could almost feel the pressure. What if I was not brand conscious? Would I have made the kind of impact I wanted to make? Because every time I was face to face with someone, invariably, he/she quickly stole a glance to see what logo was that on the top left side of my shirt. And I noticed it every time it happened. And I did the same thing. It was almost funny. Like a confirmation that we belonged there.

And not just meeting rooms or conferences, but also at the normal work place. It’s brands, brands and more brands. I fail to understand how does someone who isn’t that conscious react to all this? And, ofcourse, the whole angle of purchasing power comes in as well. What if he/she just can’t afford it? What happens then?

I personally have seen the best of both the worlds. And I know what difference it makes. My final opinion is that if you don’t flaunt it, maybe you don’t loose anything. Maybe you do. But if you do flaunt it, you gain more.


15 thoughts on “What’s in a brand?

  1. well, your last line sums it up !! the higher you go the narrower it gets .. .glances turn into discussions and then it becomes a way of life till the time it becomes a part of u – an identity.

    For the uninitiated – you may fake to be ignoring…

  2. Are bhai Brands na hote to tere liye ye naukri bhi create nahi hoti thi -Lolz, next time aisa question hi mat uthaa jis se teri job ki waat lage. Waise seriously speaking: More than flaunting it is about gaining the confidence and loyalty of a consumer who is either quality conscious and willingly pays a premium OR make choices of consumers who hunt for brands which perform satisfactorily but do not cost a fortune.

  3. If my feel-good-about-myself-factor is influenced by the brand I am wearing, and if it wanes down when the person opposite to me is clad in Armani or something, then what does that say about my confidence and measure of self worth ? I was obsessed with wearing branded clothes in College, and used to drool over brands out of my reach, and scoff at the thought of wearing a lesser known brand. Now, all I want is my clothes to be comfortable, the right fit, and worth the money I am spending, labels do not matter any more.

  4. And that is something I would never do myself!!! I hate branded stuff, and think it is a total waste of money. Having said that, I do like buying good quality clothes for the men in my life, who I think carry it off so darn well 🙂

  5. Not a big believer of brands, however I have will give in saying the quality of certain brands is simply better… however I dont mind buying from the streets as well… !! I rarely observe these things… but some brands just feel good when you use them and wear them… and that tells you one thing… they dont charge for nothing !

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  7. I do like brands….have a few of them, but I dont get carried away with them. Neither do I like to be obsessed with it. Its good to see the brands looking more great on a person…its the person who carries it that finally matters, for the brand to be observed. 🙂

  8. brilliant post I totally understand what u say, I like brands but I also like to maintain a balance and as u say buy the cosliest brands for special occasions and do otherwise with nomal stuff

    and BTW congrats on blogadda pick

  9. I am not very brand loyal, not that I don’t like them, just that I can’t afford them every time.

    But now that you tell me that when you’re in a room, people steal glances to your brand, it is making me concious 😛 I dunno what the people would’ve thought when I was in the middle east meeting wearing a simple Matalan suit 😦

  10. I am a brand person…but certainly not to flaunt…!! I have never cared who thinks what…For me its always been quality and my personal preference…& as you said…its because I like it & makes me feel good. Period.

  11. For me its not about brands… its about comfort and how much I can spend and whether they are worth for it..

    But I am ready to spend a lil more on brand because I can trust them also as you have said the crowd notices what brand we wear… it has become a status symbol…

  12. I am not a huge believer in brands, but I agree with what you say, that it does seem to work. Maybe because a lot of people associate brands with quality. At the same time, only a person with the right sort of personality can carry of clothes/accessories with flair. I have seen people with an amazing personality working magic without a single branded accessory, while others with all the branded stuff, failing to evoke anything beyond the first glance at the brand, just because their personality does not have the impact, if you know what I mean..

  13. well said… “if you don’t flaunt it, maybe you don’t loose anything. Maybe you do. But if you do flaunt it, you gain more.” It’s good be presentable and out of my personal experience, I strongly agree that unless you flaunt you are not recognized..

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