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Dry days one too many

The last few months have been rather dry for me as far as blogging is concerned. Not really sure why. And I am not able to change that, as much as I am trying. I can’t even get myself to blog-hop anymore. Surely somethings wrong with me. My last post was on Oct 25th. Yes, its been close to a month since I’ve posted. But that’s not bothering me. Oct 25th 2010 marks my blog’s third birthday. And I forget to celebrate it. I even posted that day and yet it did not strike me. I am a little ashamed. Not too long ago, this blog was were I spent most of my time. Now, I barely drop in once a day. Let alone post something. It’s like I’ve run out of things to write about. Is that even possible?

One reason is time. I always blogged from work. Never from home and never on weekends. Always managed to take out some time during the day to post, reply to comments, blog hop etc. But ever since I’ve taken up this new role at work, time has become a luxury I can’t afford anymore. I feel bad about it. More so because I loved blogging and everything that went with it. And not being able to blog leaves me feeling guilty and a little unfulfilled. I feel disappointed. I feel I am letting you all down as well.

Is it time to shut shop? 😦


30 thoughts on “Dry days one too many

  1. i understand the concern, and liked dropping by this blog sometimes…. however this very time I was compelled by the title – Delhi has had a lot of dry days of late. . .

    Well, dont shut shop. u do have some loyal consumers.

    • Thanks. I really appreciate that and its good to know that I have some loyal readers.

      Now do you mind revealing your identity? Why the anon comment? 🙂

    • I wanna feel like it again but this has been going on for a while now. And I feel bad not being able to blog like I did earlier. Anyways, maybe this too shall pass. Thanks 🙂

  2. I guess its too early to take a call. You should give yourself sometime…. and I am sure you will be back in action soon…. 🙂

  3. Want to copy and paste this post on my blog! But won’t shut shop as yet. Lets just go with the flow buddy, sooner or later, there will be something or the other to say 🙂

    • Know exactly wht u mean.
      Agree with Rakesh….go with the flow:-).

      ..tho Rakesh is not exactly the best person who shd be dishing advice around considering the state of his blog :-S

      …and what abt me u ask, well I took a break u see….yep there is a difference 😀

  4. Arre dont shut shop! We all go through this phase! The best way is,like Rakesh pointed out, to go with the flow. I’m sure you’ll get your groove back and you’ll have ample to write about :).
    You know when I go through a lull, sometimes I read my archives just to see if my old posts can push me to write again. And many a times they do. So just give it a try 🙂

  5. Take your time Masood! And we’re around. Just like you were till I could get back! 😀

    (crafty still remembers the “where r u crafty, get back!” comments you’d leave!)

    ((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) till this phase passes!

  6. Hey, dont u stop blogging, ok ??? Take a break, if u want, but just come back…at least to write abt Ibbu. 🙂 He’s grown so tall na ??? Hugs to the little boy. 🙂

  7. nope shutting shop bad idea.. i have realized, like everything else, there are cycles here too.. sometimes regular and sometimes not so. so let it be. come and write whenever u can but dont shut shop!

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