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My little fighter

We went to the beach last evening. It was well past sunset. Just wanted to take the kids out for some fun. By kids, I mean my kid and my bro’s kid. Anyways, on our way back, Ibrahim was seated in the baby seat while my brother’s son (Yaser) was next to him. Suddenly Yaser yelled that there is blood on Ibrahim’s foot. My wife quickly turned back to see and, yes, Ibrahim’s left toe had a big blister on it. She quickly cleaned it with a moist cloth and we decided to go home and bandage it. 5 minutes later yaser yelled again, and said, “Ibrahim’s other foot is also bleeding!”. Stopped the car to see what happened. And he had a similar scrub on his right toe as well. He was sitting and driving his little car on the pavement near the beach and must have scrubbed both his toes in the process.

But the most extraordinary part is that Ibrahim didn’t even know about it. He did not cry. He didn’t flinch. He just went about his business as if nothing happened. I was shocked. He is not even 2 years old, busted both his toes while playing and didn’t even realize it. I am so proud of him. That’s my boy. Brave and strong.

Anyways, so late last night, an uncle came to visit us. His 19 yr old son is a professional football player and plays for the under-19 UAE national team and is knocking doors for the senior national team. So quick understandably, he is a football fan. When Ibrahim was not coming forward to greet him, he took a ball and threw it towards him. And boy, did he respond. He kept kicking the ball towards my uncle and uncle kept throwing it back. He kept praising of how much control ibrahim has over the ball and the power in his shots etc etc. Don’t know what Ibrahim figured out of that, the next shot went whistling past my uncle’s head. The one after hit the wall painting. And the next one eventually hit his head before he could even react. To the point that he stopped playing and told me to keep the ball away. And kept looking at Ibrahim. Asked me his age and was like, “How can a 2 yr old kid kick the ball like that, so powerfully?”. Infact we all were a little surprised. And till the time he left, he kept praising him.

But my little kiddo didn’t even know he had stolen the show. He kept kicking the ball with his bruised toes. I can bet he would have knocked down the painting if we’d given him the chance!

I was so proud of him. I have not set any standards or benchmarks for him and want him to be his own man one day. If that means running around with bruises as a 2 yr old then so be it. If that means falling and getting up to fall again then so be it. He is strong brave boy. I know he will stand up again, but only stronger.

Not a day goes by when he has not hurt himself in one way or the other. He stands up, comes over to me, shows me where he got hurt, says ‘eh eh’ till I pretend to heal it by blowing on it, and off he goes again. I don’t even need to touch him.

The other day, while playing ball with me, he banged his head on the edge of my bed and got a big cut on his left eyebrow. It was bleeding and we thought he would need stitches. Yes, he cried. But within seconds, he stopped crying. And wanted me to leave him on the ground again. And off he went, running behind the ball again while he was still bleeding. We quickly cleaned it and took him to the doc. Thankfully the cut was not too deep and didn’t need stitches. He was back home in an hour, with some dressing and ointment, and a big swollen left eyebrow. And that’s it. Not once has he pointed or touched his wound. Or showed any discomfort. The wound has gone now and so has the mark. Quite deservingly I think. With the courage he showed, he did not deserve a physical scar for life.

I can go on and on with stories about him. But enough said I think. I love him for how he is. But more importantly, I am totally proud of him, for being so brave and strong, for being rough and tough, for not being a sissy, a cry baby but a fighter. A real fighter.

p.s. A small request to all. We have decided not to refer to him as ‘Ibbu’ anymore. Our family has a strict tradition of not giving any nick names to kids. Don’t ask my why 🙂 I appreciate and know it is out of love that we all referred to him as Ibbu. Lets stick to Ibrahim from now. Many thanks for understanding 🙂


27 thoughts on “My little fighter

  1. Way to go, Ibrahim! He is a brave, brave boy! He sure is a fighter and may he remain that way all his life!

    You know, I think we as parents get more worked than the children. Mine slips on icy pathways and is up and running again while I watch with my heart in my mouth 😦 Once Poohi cut her head – it was quite deep too, but she stopped crying really quickly while I kept dissolving into tears until the folks at accident and emergency sorted her out 😦

  2. Indeed he is a brave boy but it is always better if they tell us rather than bear the pain,it is very dangerous if they don’t complain about the pain.U will never know it if he was hurt if he doesn’t show pain, luckily that day u had ur bro son to point it out.

    It is ok if they cry for sometime,they will forget the pain later but first they should say it is paining…..

    Touchwood for the baby,i remember by sister son when he started walking he used to hit the ball to the ceilings and we used to get shock when the ball used to touch the ceiling….

    • Yes, in this particular case, I think he didn’t realize that he had hurt himself. Coz if it hurts, it hurts. No kid is so strong not to feel pain. Maybe in the heat of the moment, he didn’t figure it out. But even that makes me proud. I’ve seen kids cry their heart out on the slightest scratch. Ibrahim has a bunch of them on him always but doesn’t create a scene.

      • I wrote all that based on my personal experience,my eldest daughter doesn’t cry or tells me until it is very big and serious,i don’t know how she controls herself but never she cries when she gets hurt,if she cries then i should think the wound is big and serious.The only time she cried is when her finger got struck in the door.

  3. wow a strong strong boy… way to go

    and I agree with smitha most of the times its us who fuss over them… mine has bruises all over all the time, he once broke his nose bone (yeah yeah already) and hardly cried we were the ones all shocked and worried

    • Yes, it is us parents who create a scene. For them, the next ride, the next kick, the next fun thing is what matters.

      Broke his nose already? Ouch and Wow.

  4. Your story reminds me of your Dad, he allways held high views about his kids. And we just liked it so much that we want to copy him and we did.

  5. Brave little kid, Masood!!! Now tell me… daddy pe gaya hai ya mummy? :mrgreen:

    Hugs to Ibrahim, you must be so so proud of him, touchwood!

    You know, when i read posts that parents write about kids, like you, monika, smithu… I can’t help but think how immensely proud your kids will be to read these when they grow up… no? God bless!

    I have not set any standards or benchmarks for him and want him to be his own man one day.

    Now, that makes me proud of you! 😀


  6. Wow, touchwood Masood, You’ve got a brave boy. I think it also depends on how parents react when the child gets hurt. If parents panic, the child starts to think that he should cry. I try my best to appear non-plussed when he falls and he gets up back again. But when his mom is around, he makes sure, she comes and picks him up 😀 They’re very smart that way.

  7. Brother, you know, while I was reading, I was shivering with emotions. Since I have started learning, understanding about the growing up and figured out how brave and successful people can be found, I thought of taking care something like Ibrahim is having now.

    He was pained and being bleed by the corner of the bed, the little boy just got up by his own and reacted as it wasn’t nothing a big deal. And the best part is, he has is father and mother right at that time watching him– no shortage of cares. But he has been growing the ability to deal by himself….

    Really feeling good to learn about the ‘little fighter’. May Allah bless him to be like you have ever expected. best wishes Masood vai for the little Ibrahim 🙂

  8. Thats the speaciality of the kids.. Most of them dont worry about the pain and just continue their playing.. we, grown-ups, need to learn this from kids..

    May time give ur ‘little fighter’, the same temperament even after he grown up..

    Never felt tired on reading about kids.. :).. But mostly mothers write abt them.. Nice to see a father writing abt his kid..

  9. Yes he is a brave, brave boy Masood. Even if he does cry when it hurts, he would still be a brave boy. I think a lot of times children react when they see the parents’ reactions. He knows he does not need to cry to get his dad’s attention – so if he does cry it will only be because he is hurt, not for attention.

  10. Those moments of pride shows thru every word, Daddy Masood !!! 🙂 🙂 I am so happy for Ibrahim (did I get it right…am so used to the other nickname)…looks like he has found the goal of his life…the brave and strong boy will do very well. 🙂

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