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A blog post from FB statuses

FB status updates are robbing me on my blog posts. So now I’ve decided to do a post on my last few FB status messages. Something, anything, to get a post going actually.

1 Jan 11: Circle of life – just explained to my 7 year old nephew how to hold a cricket bat correctly, the stance, hands, foot placement etc. 20 yrs ago, his father thought me the same!!

I was so nostalgic that day. My elder bro first thought me how to play cricket. How to hold a bat, how to play my strokes, how to bowl, how to throw, how to field and all this took me to point where I was the winning captain of my college cricket team. 20 years later, I was explaining the same to his 7 year old son while my bro is away in India.

7 Jan 11: Ibrahim had his first real haircut today at a proper saloon. Must say, it was a ‘hair’-raising experience!!! All this while, we use to shave his head off at home. But today, it was all about styling, trimming and setting. And must I say, he looks dashing as ever!

Yes, we finally took him for a hair cut. His 2nd birthday is later this month and we wanted to get him a smart haircut in time for his bday bash. No more bald. No more head shaves. Simple and cute. Really? No way. He gave us hell. Was yelling at the top of his lungs. Donno why he was so scared. Maybe seeing the barker wearing a white robe made him think he was at a clinic. He hates doctors. Not all. My wife is one. But he loves her. That’s coz he doesn’t know she is doc! 😉 OK. So back to the point, I actually had to hold him in my lap while he got his haircut and my wife was entertaining him, singing rhymes, playing videos on her cellphone and god knows what just so that he kept his head still. None of it worked. Infact he didn’t even allow to put that cloth around him. So we eventually got his hair cut without that cloth. 20 minutes of hell. And a few billion hairs all over me. And him. And a busted ear drum. But in the end, it was all worth it. A dashing young man in the making.

10 Jan 11: Spent 3 hours in a queue to get grade 3 admission forms for my nephew. In the end, they were out of forms and gave us receipts against which we could pick up the forms tomorrow. 5000 people lined up for 195 seats. Madness. Some parents were ready to kill, fight, bribe, cry, whatever to get hold of that form. All this with no guarantee of admission. Extraordinary.

This was yesterday. Enough said I think. A friend summarized it perfectly after I thanked him for his help in getting me a form:

“any time bro … but will ask for compensation next time if you send me to face fierce species called parents who can slit your throat for their kids admission :P”

But really, I was shocked seeing the behavior of parents there. Indian High School (IHS) is a renowned and prestigious school in Dubai. And parents behaving like maniacs, freaks, barbarians like its the end of the world. Like those zombies in “Resident Evil” in search of blood. All this when every one was given a token, and there was enough space for all to sit in an air-conditioned hall, with free tea and snacks outside and rest rooms close by. Makes me think about what education can they instill in their kids if they themselves behave like this in the very same school they want their kids to go. Shocking and disgusting.

10 Jan 11: Its time for auto-pilot option in cars. please!!!

This was a desperate plea. To all the inventors and mechanics of the world. Please. Isn’t it time to have auto-pilot in cars? If you can do it for a thing as big as a plane, then why not for a small pesky car? I am sick and tired of driving 250 kms every day. Need a break. Auto pilot will do.

11 Jan 11: Thunder showers all the way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai (but not in Dubai city). Enjoyed my drive to work after a long long time! 🙂

And this was a few minutes back. First rains in UAE. My day was made. Now, can someone please pass those pakodas?

9 thoughts on “A blog post from FB statuses

  1. What a brilliant idea, Masood to bring all FB statuses together and make it into a post 😀 !!

    I can imagine how nostalgic it must have been for you to teach your nephew to hold a cricket bat :).

    I remember seeing the status about the admission forms on FB. 5000 applicants for 195 seats?? Unbelievable!! Just curious, masood, doesnt the school have a website wherein you can download these admission forms? The process will be so much easier then for the parents.

  2. This is how bloggers think….what can we make a post of and you did very well. 🙂 🙂

    That queue for admission – really scary….

    Rains in UAE huh ??? Thats fantastic…. 🙂 Enjoy. 🙂

    • OK cool. Congrats!!!! Aisa kya kia bhai? ‘Vaasta’ :p

      I went there today morning to submit the admission form but they sent me back saying for grade 3, I must come tomorrow!!!

      Still a long way to go before my nephew’s admission gets confirmed.

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