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Turning 30

Not just yet but in exactly 6 months from today, I will turn 30. And honestly speaking, I am pretty much freaked out about it. Infact on 1st Jan 2011, the only thing that came to my mind was, this year I am gonna turn 30.

I was always very proud of my twenties. So many milestones were achieved in these last 10 years. And hence, it was quite expected that I was gonna have a tough time forgoing that part of my life. And in exactly 6 months, I will have to do just that.

When I think of turning 30, suddenly, I feel old. And mature. And responsible. 20s is a time of rashness and brashness. And all the immaturity in the world. You can get away with anything. Health is on your side. Maybe some wealth. Life is shining with everything lined up in front of you. Somehow I don’t have the same amount of enthusiasm about the 30s. Its like, all the things that were supposed to happen, have happened in the 20s. 30s is just gonna be an extension of what has already happened. Gosh, what’s gonna happen to me when I turn 40!

So that, in many ways, sums up how depressive I am gonna be on 29th Sep 2011. And on all the days leading up to it.

But I refuse to let the last 6 months of my 20s go in cribbing, complaining and crying. No sir. I am going to make the most of what’s lined up. I had a set of resolutions when I turned 25. Most of them have been accomplished, except ofcourse about becoming a millionaire. But lets revisit that point again in 6 months! 😉

For now, I am vowing to change things. Change myself. There is a lot I want to do. Like buy a new car. We are moving into a new house so that’s done. Spend more time with my family. With 2 hours of drive time down the trash, I may have that one too. Big question mark on my health. That’s the REAL bummer. I have to, absolutely have to, lose atleast 10 kg. Have to visit Italy. Meet Roger Federer. Try different cuisines. Spend as much time as possible with Ibrahim. On his parenting and upbringing. He starts with school next April. I want to get closer to God. And my faith.

I want a revamp. And I want to do it in the next 6 months. Nothing overnight. Nothing temporary. Slow and steady. One thing at a time. And I will start with health. That’s my number 1 priority.

Oh, I forgot to add 1 more point that I wanna do before I turn 30. See India lift the cricket WC. Playing Pakistan tomorrow in the semis. I don’t mind losing the WC but I.JUST.CANNOT.SEE.INDIA.LOOSE.TO.PAKISTAN. In a WC on Indian soil. No way. Bleed blue. Bleed red. Bleed whatever you want to bleed but trash the Pakis.

Go India.


18 thoughts on “Turning 30

    • oh and regarding your post, its just good to have u back writing (more so because mera TP hojata hai!). and yeah even i am a bit freaked out abt 30’s, but thankgod! i still have 2 yrs to go! phew!! 😀
      so we’ll just cross the bridge when it comes and inshallah thats exactly what u’ll be doing too. the transition is going to be nice and easy and also smooth.. 🙂
      just the same way as everyday that leads up to the EDD during a pregnancy, we think what and how are we going to be able to actually give birth to a life!!! but when it happens, it just happens and life is much better afterwards (totally ignore the part that i was in madenning labour for 48 hrs! and that fcuk it hurt) 😉
      so chin up my bro! and live ur life, to the fullest with each passing day and have no regrets!
      and yes INDIA, u’d better bleed and bleed to glory you must! Ameen to that.

      • Well yeah, work is not like it was over the last 3 months so I am having time for other things.
        I guess you are right. The transition will happen when it happens. I think its just gonna be till the D-day. Come 30th Sep, I will be 30 yrs and 1 day, and I don’t think I’ll be too worried about that then. But yes, the next 6 months, I don’t wanna let go. Almost use it as an excuse to have fun 😉

  1. For all u know, you’ll fall in love with ur 30s – its the vibrant age, where u enjoy life with more responsibility, commitment and fun….and its the best age to enjoy with ur kid….have fun.

  2. Good luck Bro…. I really liked this line “I want to get closer to God. And my faith.” May Allah bless you and help you accomplish your to do’s…

  3. Crossing 30 is not as bad as you seem to be imagining, however ignoring fitness by adopting couch potato lifestyle will lead to loss of fitness which will be quite apparent unlike whatever you do in 20’s; so think and maintain good fitness programme-then every thing will be ALLRIGHT.

  4. Lots of plans….take one step at a time…. and keep ur life full…with ppl who will help u have positive thoughts, words and deeds… most important! 🙂

  5. 30s are nice! (But, all people in their 30s say that!!:P )
    But, 30s give u the satisfaction of seeing and basking in your accomplishments…
    it will help you chart new goals…

    and yes, Go India Go!!!!!

  6. Hi Masood.

    Just happened to reach your blog through some random browsing… pretty interesting reads… hope to visit here often…And yes..Go India Go!!!

    Vijendra Padwal

  7. Turning 30 isn’t life threatening. But when we see the actors/actresses from our teenage looking old and flabby, that is when reality hits us, that if Juhi is an old hag, and SRK looks out of depth, then surely, we must be ageing too!!!! Sigh!!! To be young again 😦

    Btw, Happy Birthday Dude!!!

  8. U remind me of a friend of mine who used to have a loooong face all the days leading up to her birthday but on the D-day she wd party to the hilt and be ok until a week before the next b’day 😀
    I myself looked forward to my thirties but am not so happy abt the 40’s which is a few yrs down the lane 😦

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