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May 31st

Knowingly or unknowingly, this day has become such a major crossroad for me. Year on year, every 31st May, I wake up with butterflies in my stomach. Always before my alarm rings. On several occasions, I have dreams leading up for this day. I dress up in my best to exude self-confidence. I try not to eat too much or too less. Strong coffee early in the morning and another shot later in the evening. I do a few stretches to keep the body and mind alert all day. Anything to get through this day.

For the last 6 years.

You guys must be wondering what is today?

For the initiated, today is last day of Oracle’s fiscal year.

And anyone who knows anything about sales, including only the spelling, will know that for any sales guy, last day of the financial year is more important than his death day.

All said and done, financial year ending is probably the most stressful time for any professional. Not just in sales. I definitely have pity of the finance dudes. You guys are more miserable on that day than anyone else.

Year on year, quarter on quarter, month on month, week on week, sales guys keep pegging for that target. I, for one, have only one tangible target each year. You guessed it. My sales target. My quota. My numbers. Nothing else has more importance than ‘the numbers’. Like my ex-boss once said, “You only don’t come to work if you are dead. Period”. Relevance? If you haven’t hit your numbers, you don’t come to work the following day, doesn’t matter if you’re dead or not.

I’ve had some exceptional years and some really forgetful ones. Infact only 1 forgetful one. This was last year. For 4 consecutive years, I hit my numbers irrespective of the team, products, timelines or target given to me. But last year was the worst. Regardless of whatever I did, I just could not get there. Infact I could not make it half way even. Strange but true. Yes, the recession, change in company policies etc did not help. But no excuse. I missed my numbers.

So I was doubly careful this time around. And add to that, new team, new products, new territory, new (read: higher) targets.

And thankfully, I did not have to come to work today thinking where my next deal is coming from. Or how I am gonna hit my numbers. That’s coz I already did that. Three weeks back.

But even then, 31st May still has a weird, eery, freaky feel to it. Not till the fat lady sings they say. Come midnight I will be singing. Will a fat man do?

8 thoughts on “May 31st

    • Good to know that u have 31st may once in a year, unlike me every day is 31st May. n m allergic to coffee!!!

  1. of course i remember, my only 1 31st may in Oracle. and it was a worthy one. Post which i dutifully exited sales and found my true calling in life..

  2. Oh !! I know a little abt those numbers….my husband always talks abt it……
    I make a joke with him – “U sales guys are always worried abt “figures”” LOL !!! 🙂
    Am glad u hit ur target this year….and may u do it every year…. 🙂

    Howz Ibrahim doing ??? He should have grown much taller, right ??? Hugs to the little boy. 🙂

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