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Baba office se aaaaagaye!

Last night, my wife and Ibrahim flew to India for a couple of weeks. My bro-in-law’s wedding next month and she’s gone ahead for the preps. I fly down on 15th July.

And the worst thing when she travels is the-coming-back-home-from-the-airport part. It is depressing to say the least. Empty seat next to me and empty car baby seat in the rear! And when you reach home and enter the bedroom, you see last minute stuff lying around, leftovers of the packing, packets, shopping receipts, Ibrahim’s toys which he could not take like his bicycle that he tried to fit in his bag, some of his clothes etc. Entering the room and picking up bits and pieces of the people who just left is painful. Even if it is just for 15-20 days. You somehow muster courage and clean up the place, put things back where they belong etc. All is in order? No. You start thinking about the day and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘why the hell did I scold Ibrahim when he was playing in that muddy water in the garden?’ or ‘I should not been hard on him when he dropped all the honey on the table’ or ‘I should have been more understanding when he was crying because he wanted to come in my arms!’

I always have regrets as soon as he goes away. It is painful enough not being around him but its the guilt that makes it harder. I know Ibrahim is going to miss me but what I also know is that I am going to miss him more. Does he know that?

He gets every bit of attention at his maternal grandparent’s place. They totally absolutely adore him. Plus there is a wedding in the family now. His eldest mamu is getting married next month. And I have no doubt whatsoever that the center of attraction will not be his mamu but it will be him.

He turns 2 and a half yrs old next month. Is talking freely. Able to express his thoughts comfortably. Is aware of what is right and wrong. But like all kids, always borders the wrong. Does not think twice before showing his affection. Be it with his siblings or the adults. Touch sensitive though. Does not forget things easily. Goes away from you if he does not get the attention or if he gets a scolding. Hates haircuts and birthdays! Yes, you read it right – he hates celebrating birthdays, his or others immaterial. Thinks we are going to eat out everytime we step out of the house. Loves his baby seat and always shifts loyalties of his favorite vehicle on the road – from cars (bhoom) to bus to trucks (tuks) to bikes and now his fantasy is the’ aeloplane’!

And regardless of where he might be in the house, as soon as he sees me or hears me come home after work, his face glows up, gives a big smile, starts jumping excitedly and comes running to me saying ‘Ibamin ke baba aagaye, ibamin ke baba aagaye’ (Ibamin’s baba has come). And a few seconds later, “Baba office se aaaaagaye” (Baba has come from office).

This is what I will miss the most. And that’s the reason why I am still in office and don’t feel like going home tonight!!!


8 thoughts on “Baba office se aaaaagaye!

  1. Awww! Hugs Masood! I can imagine! Husband says the same when he comes back from holiday ahead of us – says the house feels haunted and oh so sad 😦 Here’s to days passing by super quick!

  2. Hey can understand…. after coming to Bangalore i miss my nephew like hell… He used to wait for me on our main gate in d evening n came running that his Puju didi ( Me) has come…

  3. aiyoo, full senti senti post!!
    i am sure he is missing u too.. now jaldi jaldi u also go to india..

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