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Coffee or mockery?

Some times I wonder at the shallowness of people around me. I have a bunch of guys at work who are seen with a cup of Costa or Starbucks coffee each morning. You know the disposal paper glass.


Being a coffee lover (and I cannot help it. I was born on International Coffee Day), I look at them with pride. A fellow coffee-fanatic I think. A quick nod of approval when we cross-paths. Even if I don’t know the person. But we have something in common.

But I now realized how naive I was. It was all fake.

Because that Costa or Starbucks cup does not really contain coffee but MILK. They go over to the coffee shop, pick a glass for 1 buck, pour a glass of fresh milk into that and walk around all day with that cup in hand, pretending to be sipping coffee and enjoying it.

So the illusion is that he/she is a loyal coffee fan but in reality they are just trying to show off. Honestly, I really dont have a problem with that. But what worries me is why would someone wanna do such a thing? Go to such lengths just to prove a point or try to fit in? To flaunt a brand? Is it that important in today’s world to spend 1 buck for an empty cup and another buck for a bottle of milk and have you ‘coffee’ for 2 bucks instead of the actual price of 15 bucks or so?

Why do people need to resort to such tactics? I have no idea. Maybe they are just too insecure about themselves. I know it looks good, that cup of Costa or Starbucks in hand. But do people drink that coffee just because it looks good? I don’t think so. Any coffee lover will say that it is the coffee, the aroma, the taste that gets them hooked to it. But these guys are hooked to that paper glass!!!



6 thoughts on “Coffee or mockery?

  1. Really!!!???!!! Wow, find it hard to believe. Are people really that insecure, that they need that cup of Starbuck’s or Costa’s to “fit in”??

  2. Frankly I never loved coffee as much as i love its aroma… !!! but this is weird drinking milk and showing they are drinking coffee !!! gee…

    I never knew people could be that obsessed with brands !

  3. 😆 People actually do that?!! 😀
    I have seen so many folks walking around with a cup of coffee in their hands here and I always wonder what kind of coffee they are drinking!!! Now, I know! it could be milk too!! very weird!

    I love coffee too! 😀

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