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How it all began

I’ve spent more than 2 years in Bangalore. And the best phase of my stay in Bangalore was during my courtship days. I got engaged to my now wife in Jan 2007. And relocated to Dubai in August. So I had about 7-8 months of ‘lovey-duvey’ days before I left.

Why the sudden recollection today? Well, before we took off for our honeymoon after the wedding, we had spent a day in Bangalore on transit. This was just to clear out some pending paperwork with my old employer and some bank formalities to be settled. Later that night, I took my wife around to my favorite restaurant for dinner and to Corner House for ice cream, obviously! It was well past mid night that we were on a way back to the hotel. Early next morning was our flight to Malaysia.

So our on way back to the hotel, we were passing by the locality where I had stayed for 2 years. And my wife insisted on seeing the area and the bungalow atleast. Ofcourse the flat was probably rented out to someone else. Anyways, we got to the house and just as we were about to leave, I noticed that the gate was not locked. So like ‘chors’, we entered through the gate tip-toed and went to the second floor to my flat. That was locked. Then we went to the terrace. And that is where I think I spent the best 10 mins of my married life. Now, don’t get your dirty minds working overtime!!!

Back in my courtship days, I used to spend hours talking on the phone with my then fiancee. And most of the time, I used to be at the terrace. I had a few specific places where I would sit and talk talk and talk some more. And I used to tell her about the lovely sunset, the views, the greenery, the amazing Bangalore weather and so on. But when I had relocated, I never thought I would ever get a chance to come there with my wife, to the exact place where I had spend a good part of 8 months talking to her during our courtship days. Infact since that day, I’ve not gone back to Bangalore. It’s been close to 4 years now.

But as fate would have had it, just when we were beginning our lives together, I managed to spend some precious moments with my newly wed wife and share the experience of how and where I was, when I first fell in love with her. I say ‘first’ because that was not the last time I fell in love with her.

Today I recall that day and my heart fills up. Those 10 minutes at the terrace at 2am in the night, strolling around hand in hand, cool February breeze, not a soul in sight, only the sound of leaves rustling with the wind and talking about how it all began, ranks right up there amongst the most memorable and fulfilling moments of my life!


7 thoughts on “How it all began

  1. 🙂

    You know what, some of the best times of my married life have also been in Banglore. I’ve spent all of just 2 months there, but every one of those days is etched in my memory!! Especially two days. One when you had gone off for your friends wedding to Delhi, and Shadan and I had wandered off into Jayanager looking for an interesting place to eat, and second is our celebration of my certification. Really fond memories…….!!!!!

  2. Oh yes, I remember you guys walking all the way upto Jaynagar to that ice cream parlor (Kwality Walls I think) and then walking back…

    Somehow those 2 years were also the best days of my life. Every time you guys came to Blore, we had a ball. Ruhi came a few times and so did Suhail. Plus both dad and mom as well. Its been more than 4 yrs but the memories are fresh. And unforgettable.

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