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The week that defined my 2011

Most of the best things of last year actually happened in the last week of 2011. To the extent that it almost qualifies as the best week of my life. Baring a few like Ibrahim’s birth, my wedding, my first job selection, I don’t think any other week in my life has been so eventful and fulfilling.

It started with my biggest ever paycheck. Modestly speaking, I did a fair amount of business over the last few months. And had held back my commission for a few months to pick it up in one go. So yes, that way, I was a rich man last week. But that was till I bought my car! Picked up a Lexus ES350, pearl white, V6, 3.5L, 272 hp @ 6200 rpm, leather seats, keyless entry, bluetooth bla bla bla. The only thing not there is a navigation system and rear camera. Everything else loaded.

So yes, I am now a proud owner of a Lexus. And while I was finalizing the purchase and car transfer, I got an email from my boss with the official announcement on my long-awaited promotion! Well, not too long actually. It was under discussion only since the last 4 months and she made it happen. I now have 6 guys reporting into me. Not bad at all.

A good week. No, a great week. And I thought that was the end of it. But no. Out of sheer luck, I managed to get tickets (FINALLY) to see the great ROGER FEDERER in action LIVE. And not just some game but the semi-finals of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi. He was playing against the world # 1 Novak Djokovic. Anyone who knows even a teeny veeny bit of me knows that I am a cult follower of Federer. He is my absolute hero. And to finally see him barely 15 mts from me, was my biggest dream come true. A big check on my bucket list. Ofcourse, it did not help my enthusiasm that he lost badly. But all was well when I managed to get his autograph of my cap!!!

My purpose in life is complete.

Well, not quite actually. I need to see him win a match. And then a championship. And then regain the world # 1 rankings!

Anyways, such is the nature of us humans. Never satisfied with what we get. Till a week back, all I could think of was when am I gonna buy a car, where is my promotion, when will I ever see Federer etc etc etc. And exactly 7 days later, here I am.

2011 for that reason has been a super year. Almost everything that I slogged for through the year, came out OK by year-end. Actually by the last week of the year.

So here’s wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2012. Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing. Have a fantastic year. Cheers.


7 thoughts on “The week that defined my 2011

  1. why do i find myself smiling at “Almost everything that I slogged for through the year, came out OK by year-end. Actually by the last week of the year.” literally, you meant 😀 😀
    big congratulations Masood.. party time?

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