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Class of 99 reunion

It started 4 years back between 2 friends (one in India and other in Canada) discussing about getting together for a class reunion.

What transpired between those 4 years is impossible to account for. But the end result was better than expected.

I completed my schooling at Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS) passing out of Grade 12 in 1999. Thus the “Class of 99”. And this year, actually the last 3 days, we celebrated our 15 YEAR REUNION.

And what a reunion it was.

Maybe that’s the reason behind this sudden feeling of emptiness. I returned home couple of hours back, settled it, and a bout of nostalgia kicked in. Did I just spend the last 3 days with all my high school buddies? Did I just meet some of them after 15 years? And that’s when it hit me.

This was exactly how I felt when I left school in 1999.

A lot has changed since. Marriage. Job. Kids. Responsibilities. But the last 3 days was like a journey through time. To relive the madness of high school. And to see a room full of guys, and this time with wives and kids, was one hell of an experience. No matter what happens from here, I will be carrying a piece of this with me for the rest of my life.

What really stood out was some relations were still the same. In some cases, the same awkwardness. In other cases, the same openness. The same passion. The same friendships. Just bigger waistlines and lesser hair.

All in all, this reunion turned out far better than we all expected. And I think the timing was perfect. Had we met for our 10 year reunion, we all would still have been fighting and striving, trying to come to terms with our lives. With our failures and imperfections. But today, it really didn’t matter. I guess as time passes by, the lesser it does.

Tomorrow morning, I will be back to my life but rest assured, I can sleep tonight with a heart full of memories and feelings of emptiness at the same time. Maybe that’s the part of me that I left behind in 1999 today.



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