Year of the Audi – Picture post

Just crossed my mind. Its been exactly one year since I bought my car. So cherished is my Audi to me that I want to mark the occasion with a post. Actually not just a post but a picture post. Some special moments captured on camera in and around my car. Honestly, it has been around for quite a few. And if it has to be pics, it has to be Ibrahim. Except the first one!

My first day on the wheel – proud owner

Poser! (May 09)

It’s mine! It’s mine! (Jun 09)

Fond of shades like daddy? (Aug 09)

Born to drive (Oct 09)

In his car seat (Jan 10)

Over the top (with my cousin) – Jan 10

The last one was taken in Jan is actually his last picture near my car. So don’t have any latest ones. Will post once he is back. Cheers.

Edited to add: As always, taking off all the pics now. Thanks for all the lovely compliments, guys! 🙂