On a shopping spree

That’s what I did this weekend. Indulged my favorite fantasy – Gadgets!!!

I was on the lookout for a good business phone/PDA for more than a year now. Read this. But didn’t find a decent one that caught my fancy. That was only until Nokia came out with the newest addition to its E-series – the E75 🙂 and I just fell in love with it. Finally bought it on Friday!!! And I just couldn’t wait to use it. The dealer dude asked me to charge it for 4 hours before start up. Those 4 hours were the longest of my life! Don’t know what it is about me and cell phones. But whatever it is, I am loving it 🙂

That’s not all. I was also on the lookout for a decent camera. With my little kiddo growing up so soon and coming up with new stuff every day, I wanted to upgrade to a better camera. Bought a Nikon Coolpix S600. This is not the latest in the market but one with good reviews. Thought to stick with something that is reliable and will give me the best shot than something fancy with all snazzy features.

And if that’s not all, a close friend knowing my passion for perfumes, bought me a Bvlgari Soir. No occasion. No reason. Just like that 🙂

All in all, a weekend well spent, literately ;). But worth every penny.


PDA – hunt and haunt

I’ve decided to buy a PDA.

I’m getting rid of my Nokia E65. No, nothing wrong with the phone. Trust me, it’s great! But it is not serving my purpose, which is connectivity. By connectivity, I mean I want my emails, my calender, my files etc accessible to me 24/7. I spend 3 hrs in the car daily traveling to and fro from work. And on most days, I need to be wired. Having a laptop is ok but again, everytime I need internet on the move, I need to connect it to, yes, my cellphone (which doubles up as a modem). So I decided to modify this chain a bit. From Me -> Cellphone -> Laptop -> Work to Me -> Cellphone -> Work.

Easier said than done. This is going to have repercussions. For starters, big hole in my pocket (PDAs don’t come cheap!!!), angry wife (Imagine sending out a quotation while I am strolling leisurely in the park with my wife), no peace of mind (There’s always going to be some work). Maybe strained eyes too.

And, after much deliberation, I concluded that all of the above are manageable. Have a big commission check coming (Talk about counting my chickens before they hatch!), my wife is a sweetheart (She’ll understand) and about peace of mind, what’s that?? Oh, did somebody say strained eyes as well? Who?!

So, the next step, the million dollar question: Which one do I buy?!?

And this has been haunting me for over 2 weeks now!

Is the new V3 firmware available for your Nokia E65 model?

Following up on my last post,

The V3 firmware is available for upgrade from the V2 or V1 but you have to see if it is so for your specific Nokia E65 model.

To check if the new firmware is available for your model, click here

Your phone’s product code is displayed as ‘CODE’ along with other details beneath the battery. Go to the link provided and enter that code.

My product code is 0553428 and the new firmware is available for my phone.

New firmware for Nokia E65 – v3.0633.69.00

Nokia has recently (finally!) released the 3rd firmware update for the E65. This one is v3.0633.69.00. It’s a very basic update which has the task to fix known bugs and improve the stability and won’t impress that much. Unlike the other revolutionary Nokia firmware updates, this one goes almost unnoticed.

Here are a few changes made from v2.0633.65.01 to v3.0633.69.00:

* Reading SMS time stamp information unified between regions
* SMS sending from SIM toolkit – Profile 07 improved
* Unicode handling with Turkish characters corrected
* Correction to fetching email from freemail server
* Intellisync: First time contact search improved
* After the startup, the phone recognizes the language to use from the SIM card
* SMSC is re-read from SIM after switch on
* Improvement of co-operation of Gizmo VoIP client and internet voice mailbox
* SIP proxy authentication corrected in outgoing call if two SIP profiles with same realm and user name
* Correction of Chinese word corruption with WAP browser
* Searching in Hebrew from portal corrected
* Wap GET/POST forms corrected when using Greek characters
* Reset during WAP browsing and MT calls corrected
Other changes
* Start-up settings updated
* Settings wizard updated
* Start-up date changed to 1.1.2008
* Correction of NITZObserver with negative time zone values
* Localization improvements

My take: Not worth loosing all your data!!

To see if the new firmware is available for your E65 phone model, go here.