And he turns 2 :)

The first thought that comes to mind when Ibrahim reaches any milestone is the fact that time is flying. Really really fast.

It was Ibrahim’s 2nd birthday yesterday 🙂 My little tiger has turned 2. Since the end of December and specially after new year, all we do is wait for this day. Big party plans, gifts, clothes, cake, decorations, sweets, games, toys etc. And we, more or less, did all this yesterday.

A couple of hours before midnight, I handed him over to my mom and asked her to keep him till we decorate the room. Blew up the balloons, put a big ‘Happy Birthday’ banner on the wall, decorated the whole place and we waited. And kept the poor guy awake well past his bedtime.

Exactly at 12, we casually escorted him into our room. At first, he was a little rattled. Not too happy to see everything changed, balloons hanging from the top, banners and decorations everywhere. But after a while, he got used to it. We sang happy bday over and over again. Eventually had to control our enthusiasm coz he was sleepy and was beginning to get cranky.

In the morning, my wife cooked him his favorite meal – chicken noodles. Not maggi but the real deal. And she prepared a bubble bath for him with his toys and water guns. He spent rest of the day playing around. At around 4 pm, I came home (early) with Dunkin Donuts (another favorite). He quickly gobbled up a donut and fell asleep. When he woke up, we had his gifts ready. We decided to give him 1 gift at a time. And made sure a couple of hours passed before he got the next one.

Ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and some KFC (another favorite). And I got a strawberry cheese cake from Baskin Robbins (favorite again!). Had a hearty meal at home with family and cut the cake. Lots of photos. Lots of fun. Missed a few guys as well. Family was not on full attendance. My sister, hubby and her baby are in India, my elder bro is also in India while my other brother had a planned downtime at work (which he accepted after consulting with me).

Eitherways, we have plans to throw a big bash next weekend when everyone is back. So all in all, it was a great day. Ibrahim had a fantastic time. We made sure everything was as he likes. Now, waiting for round 2 on 27th Jan. Till then, we’ve got another thing to keep us busy.

Our wedding anniversary on the 25th 🙂

Which, thanks to my family, we are celebrating this weekend at the Hilton. My family has gifted us a weekend getaway at the Hilton resort in Al Ain, which is a 2 hrs drive from home. I am so looking forward to this weekend. Will switch of my blackberry. No laptop. No outside world. Just me, my wife and Ibrahim 🙂

Alritey then. Time to head home. See you all next week. Cheers.


And this is how I get totally floored

Sms conversation last evening between me and wifey on my way back from work:

Me: Having low fat latte and fruits 😦 Want Baskin Robbins thick shake with Dunkin Donuts and YOU by my side 🙂

Wife: Out of all these, one thing that i can assure u can have any time, diet or no diet 🙂

Me: 🙂

I mean what do you possibly say to that?

A quite prayer thanking the Lord I guess 🙂

Is this love?

Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling when your life partner resonates a particular interest or liking just because you like something?

Last night at dinner, my wife on seeing a photo of Lionel Messi remarks, “He plays for Argentina, no? And is one of the best football players in the world today”. I kept looking at her while searching for my jaw on the floor. She and football? But just because I am supporting Argentina at this world cup, she made an effort to get herself updated on the team and its leading players. And what more, she wants to buy me an Argentina team jersey!!! 😀

Likewise, ask her about the Indian cricket team, its composition, players, their strengths, fielding positions, batting lineup etc – she’ll be with you to the last argument and final ball.

And she can tell which model of Audi (the A4 or A8 or S6) is better than the one we own and why and that all other cars look lousy in front of our car except the Porsche Boxster and 911 Carrera, which she loves more than the Audi any day!

And just because I am so passionate about a particular Mr. Roger Federer, she pasted a newspaper cutting of him after winning the 2009 Wimbledon title on my cupboard wall.

While I wait an hour in the car watching Ibrahim when she visits the hair saloon, she watches Ibrahim for me till a football match ends.

So if I know colors like mauve, magenta, olive green, light onion-pink, off-white but not beige or cream or ‘that’ shade of white, she knows its blue, blue and more blue for me.

And if I know what shade of lipstick goes with what shade of lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner and blush, she knows that I am trying to understand the impossible!

So if she thinks having more than one or two perfumes is not important, she goes and gets that cologne I have been eyeing for weeks to add to my half dozen collection.

And if I think having more than one or two footwear or handbag in not important, I go and get her more bags and footwear she’s been eyeing for a while to add to her collection.

When two completely different people come together, we need more than just a marriage certificate to make things work, to make something out of life. And when both of them work towards that goal, that to me is true companionship.

That to me is true love. Happy 25th dear.

Edited to add: No, its not her birthday today. Just one of the many days we celebrate together. Do I need an occasion to convey my feelings? 🙂

Yes I am back

To all the curious souls out there wondering and inquiring on where I’ve been – I am here, alive and kicking, but really busy.

My trip to India was short and very hectic. 3 cities in 4 days. Add heat, humidity after first rain, tons of relatives, a wedding, traveling 2 nights out of four, lots of luggage and a cranky, unwell kid – a little too much for me to handle.

The result: My system collapsed. Was hit by a stomach bug the day I landed back. Some fever as well. Took me 3 days to recover.

Lucky for me, this time I had my dear wife by my side. So things were a lot better. Only a matter of time before I was up and running.

And here I am.

But work is work. Ensures that I still don’t get time to blog hop and read the zillion unread posts in my reader. Thinking of clicking on ‘Mark all as read’ and pretend as if I clicked on it by mistake! 😉

Not a bad idea under the circumstances. Hmm! 😀

Ibrahim is rocking as always. Took him a couple of days to settle down. He’s back to his old ways, only more naughtier and smarter. I’m loving every minute with him. It had been close to 3 months since he was away. So y’all can imagine my excitement at his return.

The wife is doing well and cheerful as ever. Every minute that I spend away from her redefines my meaning of love. Love to me is everlasting togetherness with her and never to let distance between us again. Ever.

And lastly, a few pics of Ibrahim as promised in my last post…

All set to go out but wondering why his ‘baba’ is taking pics instead.

Love my maroon kurta

Edited to add: As always, taking off the pics now 🙂

Updates and some snaps

I’ve been meaning to write something for more than two weeks now. Not that I don’t have time. I do. But my mind seems to be switched off. Guess the block continues.

Instead I have changed my blog template. Spent the last hour fine tuning it to make it look presentable. And now back to the “Add New Post” screen.

My sister tells me, rather publicly, that it is a mental block and happens if you have too many things on your mind. Not sure if that’s the case. Yes, I have a few things on my mind but none that I cannot take care off. I think my mind is on snooze. Surely it will wake up one day. Some day.

For now, let me continue with my gibberish. Please bear with me.

Got a few updates. I will be a ‘forced’ bachelor from tomorrow. The wife and kiddo are leaving for India and will be away for 2-3 weeks. So expect a few mushy posts soon. I hate it when my wife goes away. Things come to a stand still. As if the mind was not enough. Now life. I am already beginning to miss her. Did I mention I hate it when my wife goes away?!

Work has gotten much better since that dreaded sales review with the management in Jan. Looks like the team will pull through.

I still need to lose weight. Who doesn’t. So let it remain that way.

IPL has started. So some respite.

This post sounds so depressing. I need to pep it up. Or most of you folks will unsubscribe my feeds!

Ibrahim has ensured that life remains a rollercoaster ride. Posting a few pics of the little one here.

I am going to miss him.

Edited to add: I took this snap today morning at the airport just before he boarded the flight. Loved it so posting it right away. His tshirt reads “COULD I BE ANY COOLER?” 🙂

Re-edited: Taking off all the pics now. More later. Cheers.

Rabba mere din yeh na dhale

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye na yakhin

Tum ho toh rahen bhi hai, tum nahin toh raste kahan

Kisi mod pe bhi na yeh saath chutte

Mere haath se tera damaan na chute

Mein tera sarmaya hun, joh bhi mei ban paya hun

Raaste miljate hain, manzilen miljati hain tumse se

Tujhe dekh dekh sona, tujhe dekh kar hai jagna

Meine ye zindagani, sang tere bitani

Ek halki se muskaan se joh sapnon ka jahan abaad kare

Yahi sach hai shayad meine pyaar kiya

Haan haan tumse meine pyaar kiya.

Happy Wedding Anniversay, sweetheart.

And lastly,

Aaj din chaddiya tere rang warga,

Phul sa khila aaj din

Rabba mere din yeh na dhale………..

tum hi toh raahein bhi hai, tum nahi toh raste kahaan

The year that was

2009 will always be remembered by me as the year in which I became a father. Nothing else could possibly override this one. That fateful evening on 20th Jan when I first held Ibrahim is a highlight of not just the year but a life. We became proud parents that day.

Otherwise the year has been a mixed bag of sorts.

Work has been unpredictable. First half was as good as it could where I hit 165% of my sales target while the second half was an exact opposite. Not sure why my fortunes were fluctuating so drastically like a pendulum. So as a resolution, I am looking for better stability in sales in 2010.

I bought my first car this year. And am absolutely loving it. Though the car has a few niggles and I’ve had to shell out a few bucks on it, I am enjoying my time behind the wheel.

Health has been on the backseat too. I’d love to lose those last few kgs and have a better (read: any) fitness regime. Back in September, I took an entire dose of TamiFlu because the doctors thought I had H1N1. Eventually turned out to be food poisoning. Well that’s another story. So here’s to a fitter 2010.

Me and my wife did not have a chance to take a vacation this year. Mainly coz we were not sure if we could manage it with a little baby. So I am looking forward to a little bit of traveling in 2010. Our visas for Singapore are valid till Jan end. What say, hon? 😉

Next month, I will be completing two years with my wife. I’ve not had enough opportunities to tell her how much I love her, cherish her and relish our journey together. She gave me a little miracle this year and is doing a bloody good job at raising him. Hats off to you, dear.

I’d like to raise Ibrahim in a safe, enjoyable, healthy and friendly world. So here’s wishing for all that in 2010.

Happy New Year, folks. Hope y’all have a fantastic year ahead. Cheers.