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The Favorites

Here’s a list of posts that are close to my heart. You can call them my favorites 🙂 I’ve been blogging for more than 2 years so the list is quite long!!!

25-Oct-07 : Wedding Bells

12-Nov-07 : Satisfied…

24-Feb-08 : Honeymoon – A dream in Malaysia and Singapore (Part 1 & 2)

13-Mar-08 : When I was a kid….

21-Mar-08 : I miss Bangalore

16-Apr-08 : Name change after marriage?

23-Apr-08 : Wednesday

26-May-08 : Milestone

03-Jun-08 : Indian Premier League (IPL)

10-Jul-08 : He’s my dad

25-Jul-08 : Corporate lesson 1 – Communication

05-Aug-08 : UAE driver license and Emirates driving institute – Lethal combo

06-Aug-08 : Team BI-ZAR

01-Sept-08 : Ramadan Kareem

13-Oct-08 : Tharki?

27-Oct-08: In a Jiffy

03-Nov-08 : I miss you

12-Nov-08 : Dubai Driving License – Part 4 (The End)

18-Nov-08 : How I met John Grisham

05-Dec-08 : I met Shaheen today

18-Dec-08 : It’s been four years

26-Dec-08 : Mallu Discount

08-Jan-09 : Oracle licensing explained (by my bro)

25-Jan-09 : It’s a BOY 🙂

02-Feb-09 : A day in the life of Ibrahim

11-Feb-09 : SAY NO TO DOWRY

17-Feb-09 : Passionne par les parfums

27-Feb-09 : Of Dogs, Century and Work times

17-Mar-09 : Tears, Parenthood and Wifey

25-Mar-09 : Isn’t a baby girl your child too?

01-Apr-09 : First Born Tag by a Dad

14-Apr-09 : You know you’re a dad when…

04-May-09 : My new love 🙂

08-Jun-09 : Federer is back

25-Jun-09 : Hai apna dil toh aware…

08-Jul-09 : Corporate lesson 2 : How to sell

14-Jul-09 : 30 Something & Picture Perfect tag

27-Jul-09 : First words?

02-Aug-09 : My Best Friend

25-Aug-09 : Despite all that…

07-Oct-09 : This one does not have a title

28-Oct-09 : Real life and blog life – Are you the same?

16-Nov-09 : Weddings and dimes

23-Nov-09 : 15 reasons why babies are better than adults


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